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5 Times Kelly Khumalo Broke The Internet

5 Times Kelly Khumalo Broke The Internet

Kelly Khumalo might have been labeled a ‘cursed woman’ by many and whether you are a fan of the songstress or not, many might agree that the Bullying she has been subjected to for years now is becoming a bit too much.

The songstress has had her fair share of being a trending topic on social media for both good and bad reasons. From performing a gospel song naked to her clap backs that leave people dizzy after being called a “murderer”, Kelly Khumalo is not a woman to be messed with.

Here are the few times she has broke the internet and remained unapologetic:

1. Video of her breaking down

Kelly Khumalo shook many when she posted a video of herself drenched in emotional tears claiming to be delivering a message coming from the most high.

The musician who has hogged headlines for the wrong reasons, said she has been summoned to tell everyone to get on their knees, pray and ask God what they want out of “this” situation.

Even though in the now deleted video she never specified who or what she was referring to, her fans put two-and-two together and thought she was talking about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many trolls spewed bile on her but some defended her and took her message to heart.

2. Performed a gospel song semi-naked

Kelly has become a changed woman and took the religious route when she started singing gospel songs.

A performance earlier this year saw her performing in all black and almost in the nude. Many were not impressed by this and immediately dragged her on the net.

“For the longest time, I have watched the so-called Christians getting away with judging people to the extent where we have people that fear to go to the house of the Lord or of fear being vocal about their relationship with God because people will judge them,” said Kelly defending her choice of actions.

3. Her booty snaps

Kelly is undoubtedly one of Mzansi’s sexiest women and she can flash her booty at any given time with no explanations needed. However because she is Kelly Khumalo the ‘keyboard warriors’ are forever ready to attack.

Khumalo was also dragged on social media after she posted a racy picture of herself in a bathtub, with her underwear lying on the floor. People said that Kelly Khumalo was not respecting her body and religion.

A fan asked Kelly to apologize for the snap, however, she gave her a piece of her mind, “Take your love and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Apologize for what?”

4. Her savage clapbacks

The songstress is known for her no-filter personality when it comes to clapbacks. She has been called a murderer many times for the death of her ex-lover Senzo Meyiwa who died at her home during an alleged house robbery.

Kelly chose to use every swear word in the Zulu dictionary to attack the troll who came at her sideways.

5. Kelly and Zandile divorce

Kelly and her sister Zandile Khumalo had one of the best sister relationships ever however all came crashing down after the death of her ex boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa.

Zandi shook the internet when she had announced that she and her sister had gone through a divorce.

In the statement many layers of their relationship as sisters unraveled many ‘secrets’ including how much she will be paid for her appearances in Kelly Khumalo’s upcoming reality show. Other allegations made was Zandie going to jail, being questioned by the police and having to take a lie detector test because of her sister. Another jaw dropper was abuse allegations she endured from Kelly.

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