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AKA Bags A Movie Role?

AKA Bags A Movie Role?

AKA keeps proving that he is the gift that keeps on giving, following his latest Twitter question-and-answer session for his immediate plans for the rest year revealed a lot; including some surprising tit-bits.

The question-and-answer session started when a follower broached the matter of when his fans can expect a new flavor of Cruz Vodka, which is co-signed by AKA. Currently, the rapper has the popular Cruz Vodka, Watermelon flavor that still a popular beverage for many in South Africa. So much so that his rival’s vodka brand, Ciroc had to release one of their own. A flavor that said fave cannot endorse because- AKA did it first.

Replying to the question , AKA revealed that his fans can expect the new flavor this coming November. It is set to be interesting what flavor he is going to release. Cruz Vodka has been making money moves using South African personalities to punt their product. Just recently, Moozlie become the first black female personality to ever enter into a partnership with Cruz Vodka when she released the Cruz Mahattan Blossom vodka flavor.

Back to AKA, the rapper was then asked to share the plans that he has set out for the rest of the year. In his initial reply not much was surprise about what his fans can expect. AKA confirmed the much-anticipated release of his EP, “Bhovamania.” The EP is speculated to have a release date for sometime in October2020.

Additionally, as he has confirmed before; the release of the EP will be accompanied by its complementary merchandise line. The rapper has already shared some of the prototype hoodies that will be part of the merchandise line. The only point of interest is besides that hoodies, what kind of t-shirts and possible other items will be available with the release of the merchandise line.

But a point that surprised many, was when AKA revealed that he might be making his acting debut by the end of this year. AKA in the past has been staunch in keeping his onscreen personality as a rapper, rather than confuse the masses by doing a lot of other things in the media space. Therefore, the suggestion that he will be acting is a serious surprise. Moreover, the suggestion leaves a lot to ponder, like will he be playing himself or a “character.”

Lastly, AKA has again made it clear that the fight between himself and Mufasa will only happen in 2021.

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