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AKA Hits Back At Trolls Still Hating On Bhovamania

AKA Hits Back At Trolls Still Hating On Bhovamania

Award winning rapper, AKA, has continued to endure the harsh criticism that has followed the release of his EP, Bhovamania. With many claiming that it has been his worst project ever, AKA has not led the trolls beat him down, and continues to hold his head up high. In a series of tweets shared today, 19 November 2020, the rapper hit back at some of the haters, claiming that they basically don’t deserve to be a part of the Megacy.

One of his fans claimed that as a true supporter of AKA, they should not feel bad to let him know that he could have done better. He shared that as a true member of the Megacy, he can admit that Bhovamania was just NOT it, and that his past projects were far better. He stated, “People be saying whatever to make their faves happy. Not realizing they are destroying them. A.K.A can do soo much better than Bhovamania. We should tell him the truth soo he doesn’t drop an album similar to this trash EP in the future. Megacy can we not be yes man.”

AKA had no time for his honesty, and simply clapped back with, “You ain’t Megacy, stop lying.” He then followed with a separate tweet which depicted his intolerance of those claiming to be looking out for him as part of his fandom. He tweeted, “When I become President in 2024, impersonating a member of the Megacy will be a criminal offense.”

His comment sparked further conversation about the failure of his recent output, causing for trolls to question how he actually felt about it. Lincoln tweeted, “How does it feel to drop an album and no one talks about it?”, to which he cleverly responded with, “Like the way you talking about it now you mean?”.

Last week, AKA directly spoke about the hate he has been receiving, stating, “”No matter what you do … you will NEVER please everyone.” Said the Supamega. “Make peace with this. The sooner you accept it; the sooner you will understand why you were put on this Earth.”

One tweep comforted the rapper, using the way people treated Jesus as a parallel to the criticism AKA has been receiving. “People doubted Jesus even after seeing miracles he performed. So no need to worry for sure.” The rapper endorsed the tweet and said that although he is nowhere near Jesus if people could still criticise him, the who is AKA to complain? You know what … I always think about that. Not that I think I’m Jesus or anything but damn … if they could doubt Jesus? Who am I to complain.”, he stated.

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