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AKA Slams ‘Bhovamania’ Haters

AKA Slams ‘Bhovamania’ Haters

South African rapper AKA has fallen victim to a lot of criticism ever since he dropped his latest project BHOVAMANIA. Some fans have been saying that the project is the worst from the rapper, expressing their disappointment at his latest effort.

In the early hours of this morning, Mega took to his favourite social media platform, Twitter to respond to all the criticism he’s been getting.

“No matter what you do … you will NEVER please everyone.” Said the Supamega. “Make peace with this. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you will understand why you were put on this Earth.”

One tweep comforted the rapper, using the way people treated Jesus as a parallel to the criticism AKA has been receiving.

People doubted Jesus even after seeing miracles he performed. So no need to worry for sure.to

The rapper endorsed the tweet and said that although he is nowhere near Jesus if people could still criticise him, the who is AKA to complain?

“You know what … I always think about that. Not that I think I’m Jesus or anything but damn … if they could doubt Jesus? Who am I to complain.”

Kiernan then went on to speak about, what many consider his best album, Levels. The rapper said that when it dropped, many slammed the project. Little did they know that it would become a classic in South African Hip Hop.

“When Levels dropped they called it pop radio nonsense.”

The rapper said the same thing happened when ‘Touch My Blood’ dropped. The slammed the project and said that they miss the old AKA.

When TMB dropped they said they miss the LEVELS AKA.

One of his followers expressed concern over AKA being up at the early hours of the morning and the rapper said that it’s been a hectic week for him and it’s not even over yet.

Mega closed off by saying that people also criticised his project with Anatii when it dropped by the still jamming it today. Even when his Watermelon bottle dropped, it was seen as a joke and now it’s most people’s favourite drink.

Does AKA have a point or are the fans right by saying that he’s missed the mark this time around? Only time will tell.

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