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Amanda du-Pont Leaves Skeem Saam For Isono?!

Amanda du-Pont Leaves Skeem Saam For Isono?!

South African actress, Amanda du-Pont, has left fans questioning if she is officially done with SABC 2’s Skeem Saam, which many have credited to be the reason for her successful career. The actress debuted on BET Africa’s original series, Isono, taking on the new character Mamba on the latest episode which aired on Thursday, 5 November 2020.

According to BET Africa, Amanda portrayed the 21-year-old, Mamba, a pint-sized girly girl who works as a member of Gabriel’s heist crew. Like many members of Gabriel’s crew, Mamba was raised at House of Grace by Mary. When she turned 18 and had to leave, Mary stayed in touch with her through Gabriel, encouraging him to maintain his relationship with the original crew they’d built.

Mamba loves to wear bright colours, short dresses and she loves a good time. In contrast to her girly appearance and personality, Mamba is obsessed with cars. Way more than Gabriel or AB ever was. She loves to drive fast, making money on the side in car spinning competitions and illegal drag races.

Mamba is loyal also said to be loyal to her friends, especially Bhekhumbuso, Romeo and Gabriel. She is especially reassuring to Gabriel, who she suspects is gay, and next week she forms a strong bond with Abednego after they sleep together.

She debuted on last night episode for the heist as the gateway driver and she will return again in the following weeks for their illegal activities with Gabriel. She has also been confirmed to be a reoccurring character and will be form part of the main cast.

Despite her inconsistent role on Isono, Skeem Saam fans are worried that their favourite villain, Lelo, has left the show. Despite having a love hate-relationship with the character, many have believed that Skeem Saam would not be what it is without her, and are hoping that her new role does not mean that she had to give up Lelo.

Amanda has not spoken up about her commitment to stay on Skeem Saam and has always celebrated quietly for her new role on Isono. Fans however were not shy on questioning her intentions on social media with Thabo Mbatha tweeting, “Does more Mamba mean less Lelo?? Honestly I don’t know how to feel about this but I am sure gonna miss my girl burning down factories and ish”.

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