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Amanda Manku Shows Off Her Kids

Amanda Manku Shows Off Her Kids

Skeem Saam actress Amanda Manku took to social media to share some of the joys of being a mother. Affectionately known as Lizzy by many, the actress was trying to take some snaps for the gram until her two kids interrupted her. “I was trying to be cool, mara my rascals didn’t let me. – Be a mom, it’s fun, they said!’ – posted Amanda.

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About four years ago, many Skeem Saam viewers were excited after Amanda Manku announced her pregnancy on social media. Many reports at the time, suggested that she was dating Kazier Chief’s midfielder, Pule Ekstein and he was the baby’s father. Amanda did not confirm nor deny the claims.

In May 2021, the part-time sports presenter revealed that she had lost two of her parents and declined to share further details. A few days later, she opened up about her loss on social media and revealed that her mom always advised her to stop sharing her personal life on social media, however, at the time she did not have anyone to speak to and wanted to offload her pain.

“One thing my mother always told me, is to stop posting about my problems but right now, it’s hard. I want to vent! I want to understand!”

“How can I lose my mother and grandmother at the same time? Who will I go to for comfort? For advice?” Right now Amanda doesn’t know who to turn to for comfort. “Morena nkarabe,” she said.

Manku has been spending some time in Limpopo as part of her healing process. She is one of Skeem Saam’s original cast members and someone who a lot of the viewers admire. The love triangle between her, Kwaito and Glenda could see her lose her job at
Turf Hospital.

Seeing that Lizzy and Kwaito were falling for each other once again following the drama about his biological father. He found himself finding comfort in her arms and as a result, Glenda was left isolated. Knowing Glenda, she wasn’t going to let Kwaito go without a fight and would do anything to win him back – even if it means going to extreme measures.

In an attempt to get her out of the picture, she went to her employers at the hospital to inform them that Lizzy had assaulted her and has been leaking confidential patient information. This has led to her suspension at the hospital with a formal hearing pending.

There’s a big chance that she could lose her job and she can’t really do much about it. She now wishes she had listened to her mom’s order to stay away from Zamo but now it could be too little too late. Do you think Elizabeth will lose her job at the hospital?

Skeem Saam airs weekdays at 18h30 on SABC 1 and at 19h00 on Viu South Africa.

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