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Amanda Reveals Her Mom Had Her At 15

Amanda Reveals Her Mom Had Her At 15

Skeem Saam actress Amanda Manku was supposed to celebrate her 30th birthday this past Friday, 9 August 2021, and decided not to make a big Hoo-ha about it. Now more recently, Amanda decided to take to social media to explain to her fans why she kept quiet on her special day.

“This was meant to be posted yesterday, but because I was too excited to finally be out the house, I didn’t post.” She said.

The actress also revealed that her mother was 15-years-old when she gave birth to her. Her grandmother named her Dimakatso because no one knew that her mother was pregnant so her birth was a surprise. “Sooooo 30 years ago, Friday 9th August. My mother was 15 years old at the time, gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, Me! My grandmother named me Dimakatšo (Surprise) because obviously, no one knew that 15-year-old Gladys was expecting.”

Sadly, the Skeem Saam actress is spending her birthday without her mother and grandmother who passed away this year. “Anyway fast forward to 2021, bittersweet moments, as I celebrate the first birthday without my mother and grandmother.”

Because two of the most important women in her life are no longer with her, she saw no reason to celebrate. Also, she and her siblings tested positive for Covid-19. They all had different symptoms. She could not breathe and her feet had swelled.

“I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday this year. “There’s nothing worth celebrating”… However, 2/3 weeks before my birthday, my siblings and I tested positive for Covid-19, we all had different symptoms and some had it easier than others… Almost 30-years-old me had it hard. Was really struggling, so when I finally became covid free and could leave the house but most importantly could breath, walk around without holding onto anything and my feet weren’t swelling anymore… I realized the importance of celebrating life.”

Back in May 2021, Amanda revealed that she had lost both her mother and grandmother. The star, who hardly posts about her private life online decided to share her heartache on Twitter as she had no one she could open up to.

”One thing my mother always told me, is to stop posting about my problems but right now, it’s hard. I want to vent! I want to understand! How can I lose my mother and grandmother at the same time? Who will I go to for comfort? For advice? Morena nkarabe.”

Amanda gained popularity through SABC 1’s Skeem Saam as she is one of the original cast members. Her character, Elizabeth Thobakgale, is one of the most trusted doctors in the community of Turfloop. However, that almost came to an end after Glenda reported her for physical assault and leaking confidential patient information from the hospital. Luckily, after a tense hearing, she was able to keep her job at the hospital.

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