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Anga Makubalo On Isono, Upcoming Album And Netflix Series

Anga Makubalo On Isono, Upcoming Album And Netflix Series

Multi-talented actor Anga Makubalo, has been in the industry for several years now and he is one of the country’s most renowned actors and musicians. The TV heartthrob recently landed a meaty role on BET Africa’s first drama series Isono.

Anga brings to life the character of Makwande, and he has been receiving rave reviews from avid watchers of the show. The manner in which he goes about delivering his artistry has catapulted him to a rare seat at the table, within the realm of acting.

“I am really thrilled to finally be working with BET. I watched it often growing up as a young boy and I’m grateful to finally get the opportunity to work with this amazing channel,” he says.

The drama has many on the edge of their collective seats as it exposes dark secrets.

“Makwande is a good guy who is loyal to his girlfriend, very ambitious and an all round gentleman, who also faces difficulties, in his relationship, work and his health.”

The heartthrob says this character is different from the rest he has portrayed before because, he shares some similarities with Makwande.

“There are distinct dynamics in all the roles I have played and I’d say there are similarities between Makwande and Anga, in the sense that he is a very nice guy, very passionate about his craft, not too dramatic.

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“Makwande has a condition that interferes with his passions and the story takes on a new direction after that. That’s really exciting because it takes him to a different passion point.”
Anga has joined a star studded cast of the show including veteran actress, Nthati Moshesh, Rami Chuene, Bohang Moeko, Senzo Radebe, Didintle Khunou, Tokollo and ‘TK’ Sebothoma.

The daily drama aims to inspire, vividly entertain, intrigue, and educate audiences with surprising twists and unexpected cliff hangers.

The thespian shot fame 10 years ago when he bagged the character of MJ on Generations and he says his growth has been nothing short of amazing.

“I’ve really been taking the time to do research and explore different character references that I apply to my roles. Its helped so much. But with acting you can never know it all and I’m so excited about the future and what it holds for me as an actor,” he says.

Anga recently joined a new series on Netflix titled Jiva, and he says he is currently busy shooting the series. The musician says he is also working on his 3rd studio album which is set to drop soon.

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