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“Another Government Tender In The Bag?”

“Another Government Tender In The Bag?”

Whenever Shimza gets political, tweeps always seem to think he is pushing an agenda. This has something to do with the fact that he was linked to Athi Geleba who works in the Presidency.

Shimza sparked controversy when he asked a question related to the vaccine. Shimza was only asking if it is fair for government to only allow vaccinated people to attend festivals. “Do you think it would be fair for Government to say only vaccinated people can attend festivals?”

“Those who want to vaccinate must be left alone to do so, same for those who don’t. This thing of wanting to be punitive towards people who don’t want to vaccinate is dangerous and takes away liberty and individual determination.”

“Imagine injecting yourself with poison just because you want to watch Shimza press a play button on a music player?”

Others bought DJ Tira in the mix when he also was accused of promoting the vaccine. “DJ Tira flopped this vaccine promo (No vaccine no entry to the event) DJ Shimza is fumbling it (No vaccine, no festivals)…They make it look so obvious and they don’t know how to convince at all. I’m saying this again, give this promo to influencers.”

Shimza is very much aware that people on social media are accusing him of being in cahoots with government. Last month, President Cyril Ramaphosa was at Tembisa but he was scared to invite him for lunch because people would definitely talk.

Twitter screenshot
There was outrage when Shimza and Somizi teamed up to have the Ministerial cookoff. Somizi was the star chef with Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane and the event was held at Shimza’s Hang Awt.

Defending himself, Shimza said the department approached him and his team for a venue and they just merely agreed. Saying there is no foul play.

“This is the department of tourism’s program, ask them what the process was, we were asked for a venue and we agreed. There’s really nothing more here,” he responded.

He also said the government suggested the event, not him nor Somizi.
“Somizi is at all my events, Hang Awt nor myself did not suggest anything here, this is the departments event.”

A few days ago, DJ Tira also received backlash for saying people will not be allowed at his Fact Durban Rocks event if they do not get vaccinated.

“Fact Durban Rocks December 2021. No vaccine card. No Entry.” he wrote. After receiving backlash, he then asked why are people scared of injections, “Why you so scared of umjovo.”

He then went to party with people not wearing masks. He defended himself and said partygoers should be more vigilant.

“While (you are) yap yapping about my name don’t forget I don’t own a venue, I’m a Dj I get booked to come and perform, get paid and go home. Be responsible and remove yourself from places that may be a danger to your health. Makoya Bearings #RockstarForever 21 Years of greatness.”

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