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Are Simz And Tino Getting Married?

Are Simz And Tino Getting Married?

There have been mixed reactions ever Simz announced her break up from her baby daddy Tino. A lot of people on Twitter are saddened by the news as they feel that the two were a perfect match. While there is a significant number of people that believe that the two are taking us for a ride. Some of their fans couldn’t help but point out the ring that is on the actress’ finger and to her defence, she has had it on for a while.

Also, the announcement just comes after the two spent a weekend away in Cape Town and they looked so cosy and in love. Or were they just posting for the gram? Also, Simz has not removed pictures of them together from her social media. Tweeps are speculation that the two could be getting married, so they’ve announced the break-up to keep the public off their backs.

Revealing their separation on social media over the weekend, Simz said that this has been one of her greatest experiences ever. She adds that it is a love story about two people fighting all the odds to be together.

“An end to a beautiful love story. This has been one of my greatest experiences, a beautiful love story of two people fighting all the odds to be together. I have learnt to love again, to feel again, to live again and to smile again. I will forever be grateful for Everything you have taught me.” She shared.

She further added that she is not bitter about the break-up and that they will continue to be good parents to their son Tiyani.

“I pray that God gives us the strength and wisdom to raise our beautiful son. @tiyani_chinyani we will always be great parents to you and we will always be there for you. No tears here, just lessons learnt and beautiful memories. I really had a beautiful fun weekend. Here’s to friendship and dope ass co-parenting.

Tino Chinyani Take care of yourself. Love you forever & always.” She said.

If it is true that they have not really broken up after announcing on social media. It would not be the first time this happens in Zalebville. Lerato Kganyo and her hubby Thami Ndlela gave us the impression that they had broken up while they continued to live happily ever after with the media and the public off their backs. We only found out a couple of months later on Valentines Day that they were still together following Thami’s huge surprise for his wife.

Metro FM DJ and Moja Love host Moshe Ndiki and his partner Phelo Bala also revealed on social media that they had broken up. They kept going back and forth at each other – at some point, Phelo released a diss track. However, little did we know at the time that the two were still an item until at a later stage when it was revealed that they had gotten married.

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