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Asanda Foji Almost Lost Her Husband

Asanda Foji Almost Lost Her Husband

Former Generations The Legacy actress Asanda Foji recently opened up about the experience that almost cost her the love of her life.

Asanda said she always tries to avoid putting her personal life on social media but the past few weeks gave her a wake-up call.

She said almost losing her husband made her realize that she needed to do more appreciation posts.

Asanda did not give out too many details about what had happened to her husband.

She wrote: “Almost losing you my soul mate 2 months ago just made me realize I need to have more appreciation posts for you. God said it wasn’t your time and I cannot begin to thank Him for this second chance,

“I’m so so so so blessed beyond imagination that I can still touch, hold and kiss you myeni wam because I would have died with you had you left us!

Asanda thanked her husband for being strong and for fighting for his life.

“The first thing you said when you woke up was “I was fighting to come back and praying to God that I see you again, I knew I would see you again my love”

The actress said she is thankful that she still has him in her life, and she will continue to show him how much she loves him.

Asanda hasn’t been much on the TV screens recently. When we caught up with her a few months go, she said she also has other things that she does outside of acting like motivational speaking.

“Apart from acting, I do motivational speaking, I speak to young girls acting is something I’m extremely passionate about and want to do for a very long time. Through prayer, maybe even own an organization of female motivators in the future. I do MC work as well, mostly corporate as I’m not too much of a “majaivane” (laughs) and I feel I have a brighter future there.”

She told ZAlebs that her Generations The Legacy gig was an answered prayer. Asanda said it took her a while to bag a gig like that. Her very first acting gig was at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

“I shot a short film in my 2nd year in Johannesburg called Walk Like A Man but it did not get as popular as we had hoped it would. I also did theatre for a few years and got to teach what I knew about theatre at Basa College in Johannesburg.”

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