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Atandwa Kani apologises for saying that you only need to shake your a** to be famous

Atandwa Kani apologises for saying that you only need to shake your a** to be famous

“Black Panther“ star Atandwa Kani felt some type of way about people who become from being influencers.

Taking to his Twitter page on Monday, in a now-deleted tweet Kani complained about the fact that he had to study and working for many years in the entertainment industry.

While all some people had to was shake their a** to gain notoriety and become household names.

“I wish I had known, before studying for so long, working for 16 years & making life altering career choices, that all I needed to do is shake my a** to be an influencer, celebrity & a household name. F**k it, it’s your life though.”

However, following backlash from his initial post he retracted his initial statement and said it was supposed to be taken as a joke.

Furthermore, stating that it was in bad taste and that people make their own career choices and sees how what he posted was deemed as in sensitive.

“Okay Okay Okay… I apologize for my last tweet about “A** shaking”, it was in bad taste, originally INTENDED to be a joke…but I see how insensitive it is. To each their own, in life & career choices. I am truly sorry.. it shall be deleted.. I’m sorry to everyone I offended,“ he said.

Earlier this year the actor labelled himself as a sex symbol.

He sat down with comedian Tats Nkonzo for a quick chat and said people have told him he is not the Prince of Theatre because the title does not exist. He said the title exists because he used it and just laughed off the hate.

“Am I still the ’Prince of Theatre’? I have always been and I will always be the ’Prince of Theatre’ in all of your minds. Listen, I am the sex symbol of screen.”

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