Atandwa Kani Disses Viral ‘Stockos’ And Influencers

Atandwa Kani Disses Viral ‘Stockos’ And Influencers

Atandwa Kani has found himself in the firing line after dissing the viral #JohnVuliGate girls and their overnight success. The actor who has had a very good acting career for over a decade, felt like their over night success was not deserved at all.

In a now-deleted tweet, the Black Panther actor came for influencers and the girls as he believes their success was caused by a** shaking. As a famous actor who has the international recognition, he claims to have spent his entire life making mistakes and taking risks. So for him, the way in which people nowadays get instant fame is mind-boggling.

“I wish I had known, before studying for so long, working for 16 years & making life altering career choices, that all I needed to do is shake my a** to be an influencer, celebrity & a household name. F**k it, it’s your life though,” he said in the now deleted tweet.

As much as many people agree with him, seeing the hate the girls, who refer themselves as ‘Stockos’ are receiving now from people, some told him to get with the times. The impact that social media has, has been proven countless times before and the #JohnVuliGate girls are the latest to make it big with the help of a viral post.

Kani is in disbelief at how a social media post and taking part in viral challenges can open countless opportunities for people. He wishes that was the case 16 years ago, therefore he wouldn’t have broken his back acquiring all this fame and wealth he has now. “But that wasn’t the norm 16 years ago,” he responded to a follower.

He then issued out an apology after the backlash he received and said it was intended to be a joke. “Okay Okay Okay… I apologize for my last tweet about “A** shaking”, it was in bad taste, originally INTENDED to be a joke…but I see how insensitive it is. To each their own, in life & career choices. I am truly sorry.. it shall be deleted.. I’m sorry to everyone I offended.”

The viral video really opened up a great deal of opportunities for the grade 12 learners. The ‘Beyoncé’ of the group released her booking fees list and Mzansi does not seem to agree. Her charges start from R4000 and that is for an appearance. The highest amount being R8000 to entertain at events.

Well after their performances at Idols SA and Mzansi Insider, Mzansi agreed that their prices are a joke.

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