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Reasons why actor Vusi Kunene exits House of Zwide

Vusi Kunene, a seasoned actor with a career spanning over five decades, has recently made the decision to depart from his role as Funani Zwide, the fashion mogul in eTV’s popular drama series, House of Zwide. According to a reliable source, the actor has chosen to take a hiatus from the entertainment industry, opting to take a break and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

“He’s taking a break from acting, because he feels it’s time to take a break from the small screen. He wants to take things easy and relax, because he’s not getting any younger,” the source says.




“There haven’t been any talks of a possible replacement for him, and he most likely won’t be replaced, leaving yhe door open for him to return at a later stage should he wish to do so,” the source reveals.Kunene’s decision to step away from the small screen comes as no surprise, given his illustrious career and the physical and emotional demands that come with being a working actor. The source reveals that Kunene, who rose to prominence through his portrayal of the iconic character Jack Mabaso in the long-running soap opera Generations, feels that it is the right time to take a step back and focus on his personal well-being.

The actor’s exit from House of Zwide is expected to occur this month, as his character is written off the show. While there have been no discussions about a potential replacement, the source suggests that Kunene’s departure may be a permanent one, leaving the door open for a possible return at a later stage should he choose to do so.

eTV, the network that airs House of Zwide, has confirmed Kunene’s departure, stating that the actor has already completed his final scenes and will be off-screen by mid-July. This news has undoubtedly sent ripples through the South African entertainment landscape, as fans of Kunene’s work will surely miss his commanding presence on their television screens.

“He’s already done with shooting the last of his story, so he’ll finally be off screen in mid July,” the channel confirmed.

Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana continue to prove that love isn’t de ad

Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana’s love story is defined by the three words “love, prayer, and music.” As a house music DJ and a rapper, the couple credits their strong friendship as the foundation of their marriage. Chana’s proposal at the beachfront, despite the mishap of losing the ring, was a moment of deep emotion and joy for the couple.




“He was supposed to propose at the beachfront but he lost my ring. I could see he was very nervous but he kept on insisting that we take a walk to the beach. He had champagne, the works,” Holworthy recalled the moment Chana popped the question.

“He looked super stressed but I got frustrated because it started raining and I didn’t understand why we were there because he wasn’t saying anything. Little did I know that he was looking for the ring he hid and misplaced,” Lamiez Holworthy said“We were then forced to go back to the room. After a while he then found it, I was on the bed, the next thing I see is him down on one knee. I don’t even remember what he said because I was crying so much. To me was one of our most special moments,” Holworthy recalled

Over the years, their bond has grown stronger, with Holworthy’s affection for dressing up her “doll” Chana and their shared love for music. While their fans view them as a power couple and the epitome of “black love,” Holworthy emphasizes that they are simply two people trying to navigate life together, without the pressure of being role models.

Acknowledging the challenges that come with being public figures, the couple has consciously decided to maintain a family-oriented approach, prioritizing quality time with each other and their daughter. Despite their busy schedules, they have found a balance, with Chana’s mother-in-law playing a crucial role in supporting their relationship.

Holworthy’s appreciation for Chana’s understanding of her work commitments and their dedication to setting aside a day each week for each other further strengthens their partnership. Ultimately, Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana’s love story is a testament to the power of friendship, mutual understanding, and a shared commitment to nurturing a fulfilling and grounded relationship.

Photo not of Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana.
One viral image that has been circulating on social media has sparked a mix of emotions among internet users. The photograph, often attributed to Lamiez and Khuli, depicts a Nigerian couple who were once in a difficult financial situation but have since managed to turn their lives around. While the individuals in the image are not the South African power couple, the underlying message of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity is one that resonates deeply.Lamiez and Khuli’s journey, though not without its challenges, has been a testament to the transformative power of love. Their unwavering commitment to each other and their willingness to weather any storm together have become an inspiration to their fans. Whether through heartfelt captions or grand gestures, the duo consistently showcases their devotion, reminding us all that true love is not just a feeling, but a daily choice.

New Update: Scandal! Teasers July & August 2024

Please note: Scandal! extends to seven days a week from this weekend, starting on 13 July 2024.
Saturday 13 July 2024
Episode 77

Tlhogi’s joyous news causes a big stir. Javas’ shallow pockets have him on the receiving end of some piercing insults. Tebello gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “dressed to impress”.


Sunday 14 July 2024
Episode 78Taps makes some outrageous demands. Zaza and Jackie find a new victim. Tebello is introduced to a new and exciting world.

Monday 15 July 2024
Episode 79

Tlhogi drops a bombshell about Taps’ hidden past. A night of indulgence takes a shocking turn, and desperate times call for desperate measures for Jackie and Zaza.

Tuesday 16 July 2024
Episode 80

When the police come knocking, the fun-time girls are about to hit the hard times. Family bonds take root amid confusion. Tebello’s triumphant moment is short lived.

Wednesday 17 July 2024
Episode 81

Mdala is triggered and prompted to come to a drastic decision. A revelation sinks Jackie and Zaza further into trouble. Tebello’s web of deceit tightens as he spins lies to his friends and family.

Thursday 18 July 2024
Episode 82

Three people are a bundle of nerves when the moment of truth arrives. Linda issues Jackie with a stern warning that things will not end well if she continues down this path.

Friday 19 July 2024
Episode 83

Trouble brews in paradise when Vuvu suspects her honeymoon is laced with ulterior motives. Tebello stumbles upon a new money-making idea.

Saturday 20 July 2024
Episode 84

A mother betrays her daughter. Tebello takes the saying “charity begins at home” a little too seriously. Temporary living conditions give Jakes a chance to dip into the pot of gold again.

Sunday 21 July 2024
Episode 85

Vuvu is furious with Nhlamulo and makes a damning threat. Tebello is determined despite the pressure he is once again set under. Hilda blackmails Bra Jakes.

Monday 22 July 2024
Episode 86

A life comes crashing down when the police arrive. Tibi receives a donation from a familiar face. Jakes and Hilda resort to underhanded tactics to keep their newly established business afloat.

Tuesday 23 July 2024
Episode 87

A shocking discovery on a phone leads a wife into a dark hole. The Bulldogs are shaking things up, but not everyone is on board. Jakes and Hilda are pushed into resorting to old methods when their efforts bear no fruits.

Wednesday 24 July 2024
Episode 88

An unexpected revelation spins Vuvu’s life out of control. Tebello has a sparkling plan to stay in the cool zone. A high-maintenance client throws a business into panic.

Thursday 25 July 2024
Episode 89

A woman tells a blatant lie to try and save herself leaving another shocked. Tebello is freaked out by an important date change. Jackie reveals troublesome information.

Friday 26 July 2024
Episode 90

Afraid she may be the next suspect, a woman erases anything that could point to her. A money-making idea sparks for a young man needing to get out of a bind

Saturday 27 July 2024
Episode 91

A witness makes a damning statement leaving a woman confined in misery. Desperate times call for desperate measures for Tibi.

Sunday 28 July 2024
Episode 92

Mdala and Tlhogi are shocked by a decision. A crew member makes a mockery of all of Tebello’s lies and efforts. Jakes falls for a trick chasing after foreign currencies.

Monday 29 July 2024
Episode 93

An enraged wife seeks legal recourse after her rights are violated. A missing chunk of his money sends an old man on a furious quest for answers. A haunted house scheme backfires spectacularly for a struggling duo.

Tuesday 30 July 2024
Episode 94

A family is left furious and dishing out blame when their loved one’s sendoff is halted. Neo takes out his sjambok but gives the wrong person a beating.

Wednesday 31 July 2024
Episode 95

Taps puts his foot in his mouth and makes the news headlines. Tebello is forced to come clean when a man seeks revenge. Jakes hustles his way into a job in an unlikely place.

Scandal! Teasers – August 2024

Uzalo Teasers – August 2024

Thursday 1 August 2024
Episode 111
More than one person makes a disappearing act in the Mhlongo house. Njeza reclaims his life, while MaDongwe unintentionally hurts Njeza. Fancy footwork delivers Hleziphi from an awkward situation with Sthoko while Screwdriver and Mzwezwe put both feet in their mouths.

Friday 2 August 2024
Episode 112

Hlelo extorts a huge amount from Sibongiseni while Njeza and Hleziphi’s challenges raise curious eyebrows and the wrong people get burnt for things they know nothing about.

Monday 5 August 2024
Episode 113
Hlelo turns to Nosipho for help with her situation. Hleziphi breaks down when hit by her reality. Sbu goes on Mzamo’s live video.

Tuesday 6 August 2024
Episode 114

MaDongwe’s ignorance makes Njeza feel like an outcast in his own home. Mondli realises that the price for redemption comes at a high cost.

Wednesday 7 August 2024
Episode 115

Nkunzi is given the green light to pay damages. The money Sibongiseni sent Hlelo doesn’t even make a dent. Hleziphi realises Njeza is far from forgiving her. Sakhile restores the peace between Sbu, Ebenezer and Church Member #1.

Thursday 8 August 2024
Episode 116 (SD 78)

The Mhlongo’s pay for damages but Gebetsheni milks them dry. Hleziphi is encouraged not to give up on the support group. Mondli asks a friend to help Mpilo.

Friday 9 August 2024
Episode 117 (SD 78/79)
I’nsizwa finally find out where Nkunzi’s been disappearing to. Hleziphi feels like someone eventually understands her. Mpilo does the trial of his first day on the rabbit farm.

Monday 12 August 2024
Episode 118

Mpilo learns that Tjovitjo will not rest until he avenges MaWire’s death. Njeza confesses his anger towards Hleziphi. Sibongiseni is ready to do whatever it takes to get money.

Tuesday 13 August 2024
Episode 119

Nkunzi has found a hobby that heals his soul. A kind gesture reminds Hleziphi that there are people who still care about her out there. While Sibongiseni’s lies reach an expiry date.

Wednesday 14 August 2024
Episode 120

Nkunzi’s strong game pays off. Hleziphi’s new life becomes an inconvenience to others. Mondli receives disturbing news.

Thursday 15 August 2024
Episode 121

Hleziphi confesses her status to Sthoko and gets an empathetic hug. Mondli feels betrayed that Lilly knew about Sibongiseni and Hlelo and did not tell him. Nkunzi is invited to the Umkhehlo ceremony by Biyase.

Friday 16 August 2024
Episode 122

Mondli wants Sibongiseni to make some immediate changes in his life. Zaza stands up for the ARV Babes, while I’nsizwa can’t stop raving about the upcoming Umkhehlo.

Monday 19 August 2024
Episode 123
Lilly’s plea to Mondli falls on deaf ears. Nkunzi gives Biyase an offer he cannot turn down, while Njeza experiences more discrimination from the people in his life.

Tuesday 20 August 2024
Episode 124

Sibongiseni puts pressure on Hlelo to send pictures of Hlengiseni. Njeza realises his test day is nearing closer. Mondli lies lifeless on the ground… is he dead?

Wednesday 21 August 2024
Episode 125

Screwdriver now regrets taking Nomathemba to church. Mzamo manages to convince Xoliswa to go to eNdlende for Umkhehlo as his plus one. Mondli vows to handle the attack himself but will not open a case.

Thursday 22 August 2024
Episode 126

Funani and Ayanda’s Umkhehlo is underway, will it end as smoothly as it begins? Mondli trying to iron out his emotions and anger comes face to face with the gang that attacked him. Njeza’s nerves for the looming HIV test are getting the better of him.

Friday 23 August 2024
Episode 127

Indishi ceremony is a spectacle of grand entrances and big bucks. Hleziphi and Sthoko receive an email that brightens their day. Mondli takes Tjovitjo to a place where he can change his life.

Monday 26 August 2024
Episode 128

Hawu embarrasses Geja in public. Hlelo is under pressure to deliver Hlengiseni’s pictures. ARV Babes convince Hleziphi to start dating again.

Tuesday 27 August 2024
Episode 129

Geja walks away from Nokuthula after teaching Hawu a lesson. Njeza wakes up to the reality of his test day. Sibongiseni finally proves to Mondli that he has a grandson.

Wednesday 28 August 2024
Episode 130

Mondli’s hard work finally pays off. Nomathemba does something despicable in public. The Xabas get some good news.

Thursday 29 August 2024
Episode 131

The Evangelist plans to do a revival KwaMashu. Hlelo has an unexpected visitor. Screwdriver has had enough of Nomathemba’s abuse, he asks for help.

Friday 30 August 2024
Episode 132

Sibongiseni knows what he needs to do to learn the truth about Hlengiseni. The ARV Babes are not welcome at the Youth Centre anymore. Nokuthula tries to reach out to Geja, but he’s too angry to listen.

Nkosi becomes the CEO of House of Zwide after Funani leaves. Do you think he is going to manage well?

In the captivating world of House of Zwide, the recent events have left an indelible mark on the lives of its characters. The dramatic twist that unfolded in the last scene has sent shockwaves , as Funani found himself face-to-face with Nandipha, the woman who had his beloved grandchild, Busi.


The tension was palpable as Funani and Nandipha, driven by their respective desires and beliefs, engaged in a confrontation that would ultimately lead to a tragic outcome. Nandipha, in a desperate attempt to protect her actions, tried to eliminate Funani, but the situation escalated, and Funani was forced to make a heartbreaking decision, resulting in Nandipha’s untimely death.

As the news of Busi’s safe return spread, Funani was left grappling with the weight of the trauma he had experienced. The Nandipha’s death had left an indelible mark on his psyche, and he struggled to process the emotional turmoil that engulfed him.While the world around him rejoiced, Funani’s focus remained on the grieving father of Nandipha. Witnessing the old man’s sorrow and anguish moved Funani deeply, and he found himself drawn to the man’s pain, a stark contrast to the relief felt by others.

Returning to the House of Zwide, Funani faced a new challenge. Despite the celebration and the success of the business, he found himself unable to recapture the passion and drive that had once fueled his ambition. Amidst the bustling activity, Funani felt lost and disconnected, a shadow of his former self.

In a moment of introspection, Funani confided in his sangoma, opening up about the turmoil within. He acknowledged the profound impact that Nandipha’s death had on him, admitting that he was in a dark and troubled space. This realization sparked a transformative decision – Funani made the bold announcement that he was leaving the House of Zwide and returning to his roots in KZN.

The news of Funani’s departure left his children and the rest of the team stunned. Nkosi, recognizing the void left by Funani’s absence, called a meeting with Ona and Zanele to discuss the way forward and the appointment of a new CEO for the House of Zwide.

As Funani embarks on his emotional journey back to KZN, he leaves behind the company he had built, entrusting its future to his children. This move, driven by his desire to find solace and rediscover his purpose, marks a significant turning point in the narrative, as the House of Zwide faces a future without its visionary leader.

The unfolding events have drawn a curtain on a chapter filled with high-stakes drama, tragedy, and personal growth. Funani’s departure and the uncertainty surrounding the House of Zwide’s leadership set the stage for a new era, one that promises to explore the depths of emotional turmoil and the transformative power of personal reflection.

Coming up on Uzalo this week Monday 15 : 22 July 2024

Coming up on Uzalo this week
Monday 15 July 2024
Episode 98
Lilly revels in the progress she has made while Mondli has second thoughts about going back to work. Sbu is shocked by the treatment he receives from the Evangelist while Screwdriver takes a different direction in his life. A familiar face returns to KwaMashu while Njeza struggles to mend his broken heart.
Tuesday 16 July 2024
Episode 99






Sbu is dejected when he learns that Mzamo is not moving out any time soon. Screwdriver’s plans with Mzwezwe are ruined by Nomathemba. Mondli and Sibongiseni reconcile and put The Punisher past them.
Wednesday 17 July 2024
Episode 100
Mondli’s friend, Zwe, makes him realise that he can turn trash into gold. Njeza finally comes back home to reveal shocking news to his family. Mzimba’s world come crumbling down as his attempts at the good life fail.
Thursday 18 July 2024
Episode 101
Njeza is horrified when MaDongwe decides to cast out the virus in him. Nonka proposes that she and Hawu get tested. Mondli dismisses rumours of him being bewitched and going crazy.
Friday 19 July 2024
Episode 102
Mondli is haunted by his past actions. Nkunzi needs help from Biyase for something that is troubling him and an isolated Hleziphi is given a hopeful lifeline by Nurse Ruth.
Monday 22 July 2024
Episode 103
Nkunzi tries to do things right, but is met with Njinji’s wrath. Lilly tries to offer Mondli a solution to his problems, in vain. Sbu refuses to share a home with Mzamo until he “man’s up”.

family must show up please 🥰 #Uzalocast

Monday 1 July 2024
*Lizzy is in a state of disbelief and distress over her mother’s arrest. Babeile shares a shocking theory about the identity of the serial ’s accomplice. Legasa surprises MaNtuli with an unexpected request.
Tuesday 2 July 2024





*Lizzy struggles with overwhelming emotions as Jacobeth’s situation unfolds. Lehasa gives Kobus something to worry about. Benjy and Makwena manage to lift Charles’ sprit.
Wednesday 3 July 2024
*Lizzy is shocked when incriminating evidence is found in her home. Moss discovers troubling information about his client. Charles is puzzled by his child’s situation.
Thursday 4 July 2024
* Babeile is horrified to learn that a dangerous killer had plans to reunite him with his ancestors. Lehasa throws the ball back to Kwezikazi. Charles grapples with feelings and envy and social comparison.
Friday 5 July 2024
* Lehasa pops the question. Babeile struggle with the aftermath of a chilling confession but there’s a bigger shock in store for him. An unexpected guest shows up on MaNtuli’s doorsteps.
Monday 8 July 2024
* Pretty’s good news backfires, causing unexpected consequences at work. Elizabeth finds support from an unlikely source. Salamina comes up with a plan that could provide Charles with much needed financial relief.
Tuesday 9 July 2024
*Lehasa shocks Kwezikazi with a generous offer. Pax catches Mr Kgomo in a compromising position. A troubling incident at Aprendo leaves Charles feeling exposed.
Wednesday 10 July 2024
*Pax shares heartbreaking news with Mrs Kgomo. Kwezikazi throws unfounded accusations. To lift his kids’ spirit, Charles makes a promise he might not fulfill.
Thursday 11 July 2024
*Lehasa agrees to Kwezi’s demands, but his conditions are lethal. Melita surprises Mr Kgomo with an unexpected request. Charles is pressured to consider Salamina’s business idea.
Friday 12 July 2024
*The new HR manager poses a challenge for Mr Kgomo. Pretty confronts Lehasa about his true identity. Charles finally agrees to execute salamina’s idea but doesn’t get the reaction he expects from her.
Monday 15 July 2024
*A file from the past triggers Lehasa to do the right thing. Mr Kgomo plays with fire. Letetswe threatens to report Mahlatse to Charles for his new habit.
Tuesday 16 July 2024
* Melita causes trouble for Mr Kgomo with HR. Kwezi finally hits the jackpot. Pax gives Mahlatse some bad advice, leaving Letetswe feeling unhappy.
Wednesday 17 July 2024
* Mr Kgomo’s attitude towards Melita changes after discovering she saved his job. Tbose and Kwaito face challenges in their business, putting them in a difficult situation. Lehasa receives shocking news from Pretty.
Thursday 18 July 2024
* Mrs Kgomo uncovers valuable information about her rival. Leeto schools Tbose about the dark side of business tenders. Francois confronts Lehasa about the Level Cafe shares.
Friday 19 July 2024
*Mrs Kgomo almost kills someone in front of students. Tbose is faced with a tough decision that could change everything. Lehasa opens up to the love of his life.

Anele Zondo opens up about her pregnancy journey

Anele Zondo opens up about her pregnancy

Anele Zondo opens up about the changes experienced after she got pregnant.

The South African rapper announced her pregnancy in May, and she’s been opened about the journey ever since then.Taking to social media recently, Anele shared some of the changes she’s been experiencing since she conceived.




Manufacturing a whole human isn’t slight work :
• 2 sleeping positions has become a norm a#
• only thing im certain about is what I want to eat
• Emotionally (it’s messy) , obviously, crying and laughing at same time? normal
• clothes don’t fit anymore 😔 slippers too
• loving sweet treats and bread ! Imagine (the carbs 😭)
• worrying about the unknown like every sec (a great time to self reflect and journal )
• more can be done in bed
• counting down, the days, mins, & secs till due date

But it’s also been the softest era of my life, I’m cooking and baking and living in my femme energy 💐 If you’re a BBM and no one has told you, MUVA – you’re doing amazing and im sending you love 💕 (share w me what u been experiencing)”

Shebeshxt fails to appear in court for “stabbing” case

Lehlogonolo “Shebeshxt” Chauke fails to show up in court today for crimes committed in 2022.

The singer allegedly stabbed two people in separate incidents in Lebowakgomo.



He was arrested in April last year and spent a few months in jail before being released on bail in July.

The NPA’s Mashudu Malabi-Dzangi said the matter is currently in its plea and trial stages.

“Chauke is facing charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and attempted murder, however, he he was unable to make it to court due to injuries sustained in an accident last month,”said Malabi-Dzangi.

Malabi-Dzangi explained that the matter was postponed to allow the defence who represented Shebeshxt in his absence to furnish the court with medical records of the accused.

The accused appeared in absentia at the Lebowakgomo regional court for pre-trial.

He could not attend court proceedings due to ill health.

The court postponed that matter to 19 July 2024 to enable him to provide medical certificates.

RIP Former Bafana Bafana coach Screamer Tshabalala has died

Stanley ‘Screamer’ Tshabalala

Former Bafana Bafana coach and founding member of Kaizer Chiefs Stanley ‘Screamer’ Tshabalala has died.

Orlando Pirates confirmed the passing of the legend in a brief statement.

“Orlando Pirates is saddened by the passing of soccer legend Stan ‘Screamer’ Tshabalala.”

‘The Tshabalala and Orlando Pirates Family will furnish the details in due course. The public is advised to await the provision of the details for the arrangements going forward,” the club said.

The 75-year-old Tshabalala died earlier on Thursday afternoon in hospital after he succumbed to injuries he suffered when he was shot by intruders during a break-in at his house in March this year.