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Babalwa Mneno Accused Of Human Trafficking

Babalwa Mneno Accused Of Human Trafficking

South Africa has become a hotspot for human trafficking lately, woman and children have been going missing at an alarming rate, to add to that there has also been a lot of senseless killings of women and children at the hands of South African men. Babalwa Mneno is one of the ladies who have been accused of being part of a sex trafficking ring, the reality TV star and businesswoman took to Twitter to clear her name for the second time since she was last accused of this in 2018.

Babalwa was first accused of being part of a sex trafficking ring in 2018, after the controversial a Twitter account posted a screenshot of a conversation he was allegedly having on Whatsapp with a source citing Babalwa Mneno as a pimp. Although where the source of where these rumours are coming from this year, Babalwa didn’t take them lying down and in a series of Tweets she vowed to deal with the culprit.

In her Xhosa mother tongue, she swears and challenges whoever is spreading rumours about her to go ahead and try her.

“Fuck you and your parents to all those little pieces of shit who are accusing me of pimping!!! Go and fuck yourselves, all of you, bloody starving dogs! FUTSEKKKK!…, the end!”

Clearly frustrated and hurt by these accusations resurfacing after she has worked hard to make an honest name for herself, she further Tweets.

“I will not be playin Kiki haha games with you ppl this time!!! I’ve worked so damn hard for my name and to stil have it relevant til this day, for u motherfuckers to just tarnish it!!! Let’s go…..”
Babalwa released a long statement to defend herself where she said,

” I note with dismay the accusations mounting that I am involved in the human trafficking scheme on social media. I have never been involved in human trafficking. I am a legit businesswoman. However, social media bullying has caused reputational damage, violence and emotional distress.”
The businesswoman went on further to say that she will be taking legal action against the culprits and that her lawyers are working on finding them.

“I wish to indicate that an investigation to understand the provenance of the accusations, as well people who continue to vigorously peddle them, is underway. I have been advised by my lawyers legal action will be taken as soon as this issue has crystallised,”

Given that this isn’t the first time she has been accused of these rumours and the seriousness of human trafficking in the country, finding the culprit would help answer a lot of questions.

A lot of Tweeps came to her defence, citing that if people had evidence of human trafficking they should report to the police instead of on Twitter. One Tweep even cleared the air as to why people would spread such rumours.

Do you think these human trafficking accusations have ruined Babalwa’s reputation?

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