Babes Wodumo Gets Hacked Again

Babes Wodumo Gets Hacked Again

It seems that Babes Wodumo and being hacked is slowly merging into the same WhatsApp group, but maybe the use of the app is not a fitting metaphor according to the latest reports about the star are to be believed.

For as long has Babes Wodumo has been one of the most topical personalities the queen of gqom music has been followed by hacking scandals. Well, initially it was not hackers but her boyfriend and business partner, Mampintsha.

At the height of the drama and allegations, videos and subs over Mampintsha’s abusive nature, the star had revealed that because they were in a relationship Mampintsha had her login details to all her social media accounts. So when the two were at odds, Mampintsha would take to her social media accounts and post content to suggest that everything is bliss kwa-love-lives-here, when in actual fact their relationship was anything but blissful.

However, when they mended their relationship and basically told everyone to drink water when it comes to their relationship, the hacking stories did not end. The first time Babes Wodumo got her social media accounts, many had sympathized with her because who wants to get hacked. But when it happened the second time, it turned into a joke. And the reason for the matter turning into joke was not because of the situation, but how the story was relayed to the public.

The singer had revealed that her memory stick that contained the music she had recorded following the release of her debut album, “Queen of Gqom, Vol. 2,” had been stolen or lost. Babes sent out public-service-announcement asking that anyone with information to send them the details and they would delete the things on the USB stick. The joke did not write itself but tweeps definitely had fun finding derivatives of the nonsensical statement.

While people laughed about that story, when she came out again and alleged that she hacked again at the height of her and Lady Zamar drama, tweeps went for the jugular when they lambasted her. Eventually, we found out that the allegations of a hacker was true, but the Babes Wodumo Twitter account while it was still activate provided some of the most fire content that we could have asked for.

Recently, Babes Wodumo returned to Instagram after what had been over a year of the star attempting to get her account back from hackers. But it did not take long for another announcement was made that this time her WhatsApp account has been hacked, and her contact should be weary if they receive any messages from her via WhatsApp.

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