Basetsana Kumalo Honored

Basetsana Kumalo Honored

Businesswoman and TV personality Basetsana Kumalo has been honoured with an Iconic Award by Tastic rice.

Tastic rice was celebrating 60 years and also honoring influential women in the media space this week in Cape Town. Basetsana is one of the media moguls who paved the way for many South African popular TV personalities today.

She said receiving this award was a supreme honour for her, “Some moments will be etched in your memory forever…and tonight was such an evening. To receive the @tasticricesa Iconic award this evening is indeed such a supreme honour. Thank you, thank you, and thank you,” she wrote on Instagram.

Taking to the comments section to congratulate her, TV presenter Katlego Moboe wrote, ” Thank you for lighting the way, Queen!”
Khutjo: “You are so deserving My dear sister your children rise up and call you blessed and we are many!!”

Basetsana and her husband will be celebrating over 2 decades’ anniversary later this year. Sharing the news on Instagram, she said he husband is her biggest inspiration. “My husband…my love…my #MCM…the one who looks after my heart all day, every day, and for the last 21 years of marriage and 24 years of jolaring! Hey siyajola! Our next Anniversary is only in December, but today I felt I should just appreciate this beautiful human being, ” she wrote captioning her husband’s picture.

She added that “He doesn’t like pictures….he’s also not much for crowds…yes I love this handsome dude, but that’s why I also like him, I like him a whole lot! He doesn’t conform and really doesn’t give much credence to who says what and what people think. He inspires me every day.”

A few weeks ago, she celebrated her baby girl Bontle’s birthday. Taking to Instagram to pen a heartwarming message for her daughter, Basetsana said Bontle is the most loving little girl, ” These are the words I wake to and am told every single day…and I mean every single day! I miss you when I am sleeping, I miss you when I don’t see you (I could be just in another room) I miss my Mommy when I don’t see your face! I love you. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are sweet like candy.”

She said she is grateful that at the age of 40, God visited them with a gift of another beautiful life, “such deep, profound, and pure love is something that I treasure and I live with. What joy, what a gift, what measure of love that has been bestowed upon us. Some days I have to pinch myself.

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