Best Xhosa Traditional Attires for African American Women 2022

Traditional Xhosa clothing usually consists of a mixture of beaded fabric, aprons, and long skirts. The Traditional colors are white, black, yellow, black, red, and black or blue and black. Whether you are thinking of getting some inspiration from traditional wedding wear style or thinking about what to wear to an African wedding or any other special occasion, Xhosa Umbhaco dresses are a . of great inspiration.

The Xhosa traditional attire is the doek or title, which is usually black with embroidered dresses. These days, you can have ladies or brides wearing an Isicholo hat as well. Beaded accessories such as the beaded cape, beaded body jacket, beaded headband, beaded neckpiece, beaded cape, and the beaded wand also complement the Xhosa costume for males and females.

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