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BHOVAMANIA Merch Sells Out

BHOVAMANIA Merch Sells Out

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes is starting to mark that BHOVAMANIA season is about to start. And it is becoming clear that despite him releasing just an EP, it is about to go down.

The rapper marked Friday as the beginning of the BHOVAMANIA season with the release of the still trending song, “Casino,” featuring Sho madjozi and Flvme. The song was one of the things that proved that AKA is a perfectionist. In explaining the creation of the song, one detail he revealed was the extent he went too; to make sure the song is a smash.

In a thread with his fans, AKA detailed how he specifically wanted Costa Titch to lace an adlib for the new song. AKA could have done the adlib himself, but he specifically wanted Costa to do the adlib. The song teased that the BHOVAMMANIA is going to be a smash considering that even our resident authority, not Nota, but Sizwe Dhlomo gave the song the thumbs up.

Another integral part of his BHOVAMANIA season is the merchandise line. For weeks, AKA has been teasing the release of his merchandise line. The line is inspired by AKA’s most popular performance looks from the last year into this year. AKA announced that the BHOVAMANIA merchandise’s website was open for pre-order sales and the moment it went live it was matter of hours until it was sold out.

Other members of the Megacy were left choosing that were too late in clicking the buy button, ended up having to settle for pieces that they might have not wanted. Things seemed to have gotten so bad that the Megacy started fighting over the 2XLs and XLs, despite probably being a small or medium. Fans justed wanted a piece so much that they would not risk the chance of never having BHOVAMANIA piece.

Moreover, it seems that the most popular item from the range is the t-shirt. The t-shirt has the signature BHOVAMANIA logo, along with the now-iconic F*cking Relax iconography at the back. The t-shirt goes for R400.00, but that did not stop fans from still going in on the t-shirt.

However, we have it on good authority that the release was the first run. This means that there will be a second run of the popular merchandise range, and fans of the brand and EL Pudi will be able to get a piece that they really wanted.

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