Big Boy Nyovest Is Back

Big Boy Nyovest Is Back

Apparently Cassper Nyovest was also eating for two when his girlfriend Thobeka Majozi was pregnant. The father of one gained a few kilos during the pregnancy and has no plans to lose them just yet.
The rapper embraced his new curves and is back to calling himself a Sexy Chubby N***a. “Chubby N*ggas are in season this Summer. We up!!!”, and, “Sexy chub n*gga making a comeback this summer. Big boy nyovie!!!” he captioned a recent Instagram picture

Cassper, has always labelled himself a ‘sexy chubby ni**a’ back in the day before he stunned fans when he revealed his 6-pack and fans wouldn’t mind getting the old Cassper back.

A fan tweeted, “I ain’t mad if the old Cass is making a comeback. I’m sure your baby mama would like something to hold on to”.

Cass agreed with many of his fans, stating, “I’ve always been team sexy chubby from the jump.”

This is a bit of a turn around because just after the birth to his son, Khotso, Cassper had tweeted, “Got back in the gym today. Time to put this work in!!!! I gained mad weight in Durban. I was just so happy, eating and drinking whatever. Let’s see what we can cook in 12 weeks!!!”.

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