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Black Coffee Drags Child With Albinism Into Twar

Black Coffee Drags Child With Albinism Into Twar

The successful DJ woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Black Coffee’s life has been in the spotlight and scrutinized ever since he announced his divorce with Enhle Mbali, and the DJ is clearly sick and tired of it. With many Tweeps refusing to drink water and mind their own business, dragging the international DJ at every chance they got, King Coffee decided enough is enough.

The unfortunate victim was a mother to a child suffering from albinism, who couldn’t seem to let Black Coffee live in peace and decided to comment on his love life again.

Unfortunately for her, Black Coffee was ready and waiting with a hot clap and the unfortunate victim was her child. The poor lady is still recovering somewhere.

Some Tweeps felt it was unnecessary to drag the poor woman’s child into this, while others said that she deserves it because she has also dragged Black Coffee’s family whenever she has a chance.

Here are some Tweets defending Black Coffee;

Do you think Black Coffee was wrong or people must be able to handle what they dish out?

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