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Boity Gets Deep About The Ancestors

Boity Gets Deep About The Ancestors

Boity Thulo never ceases to surprise Twitter followers, and not so much because it was unexpected but because the good sis knows how to make her point hear loud and clear.

The “Own Your Throne” star seemed in her ancestral calling with her latest posts and took her tweeps on a crash course on what to not blame the ancestors for. The first tweet seemed to be sparked by something that occurred with her friends. It seems the star has been hurt by the a friend she thought was a “real one,” only to find out that nothing could be further from the truth.

The only shame is that as tweeps we will never know who it is. Granted if the post had come a few days earlier, we might have been able to assume that maybe Boity was talking about Bonang Matheba. Following the Queen B*’s no show for Boity’s Pink Sapphire perfume launch this past month, and the suggestion that she might have not received her own goodie bag. Eventually, when Bonang did return to posting stories she did reveal that she also scored herself a large PR package from her friend, Boity.

In a subsequent post, Boity seemed to have been proving suggestion on how to best cast of the bad intentions and bad jujus that said toxic friends can attempt to cast. The personality turned rapper , provided a simple four step traditional remedy to ensure that your energy and spirit is always able to cast of the bad jujus.

Explained in English for our non-isiZulu speaking readers; first is to “phahla,” which means to detox the toxins out most commonly through the number two. Second is to “geza,” and this has been mad easy to understand by hit amapiano single, “Sheza Geza,”by De Mthuda and Njelic. Third is to “ugugapa,” which is to detox the toxins out through bringing it up through the mouth. And lastly is to “ugufutha,” which is inhale the suggested remedy through smoke or steaming.

Another helpful lesson that the good sis delivered was to inform her tweeps that similar to God, the ancstors just do not give. She made it clear like with any spiritual belief, the best way to find your blessing and the bags that come with it is to work hard for it. The star is great proof of what prayer and worked, along with the ancestors can do for you.

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