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Boity Speaks Out About Calling Men Roaches

Boity Speaks Out About Calling Men Roaches

Boity Thulo has stood firm about her ill feelings towards South African men, which has grown since the prevalence of gender-based violence has increased in the country. The Own Your Throne star has consistently stood up for women who have dealt with domestic violence, and has not held back in calling out perpetrators for their unjustifiable actions.

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In a series of tweets on Wednesday, 26 August 2020, Boity referred to men as “roaches” when responding to a Tweep who spoke about social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, stating that South African men are the lowest of the low. The public then started attacking Boity for her decision to refer to me as cockroaches, with some accusing her of being bitter because she is single.

After almost a week of silence on the matter, Boity took to Twitter today, 3 September 2020, to explain her reasoning behind her tweet. She stated, “These men insulted me in every way possible. I too responded with insults & proceeded to call those men unemployed roaches. If you didn’t insult me that day, the insult was not meant for you.”

Despite requesting that the public leave her alone for the rest of the day so she could enjoy her mom’s birthday, trolls we back at it again, and clapped back at her for her explanation. One fan even questioned her one why she chose to bring up the topic again, to which she responded with, “A number of people caught stray bullets. Had to fix that!”.

Tweeps began calling Boity out for being too sensitive about receiving backlash, and claimed that most celebrities turn criticism into hate. She questioned one follower in particular, tweeting, “So guys on this app can freely say they hope that I’m infertile, threaten to physically hurt me when they meet me in person, etc and I must take that as constructive criticism?”.

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