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Boity stands by ‘unemployed roaches’ comment: ‘If you didn’t insult me, it wasn’t for you’

Boity stands by ‘unemployed roaches’ comment: ‘If you didn’t insult me, it wasn’t for you’

Media personality Boity won’t back down from calling trolls “unemployed roaches”, explaining again this week that she was clapping back at men who were bothering her.

Sometimes we all snap when the haters keep sending hate our way and queen Boity talked to us about a moment she had on Twitter a few days ago.

Last week, influencer Mihlali Ndamase took to our TL’s when a tweep slut-shamed the star. After lambasting the troll, other celebrities joined in the discussion including Boity.

The TV personality replied to a tweep saying that TL debates are full of people who don’t actually care about the safety of women, saying “don’t let the roaches bring you down to their level”.

Her comments caused outrage online and once the dust had settled, Boity took to Twitter to explain that she was being trolled by men and had lashed out at the hateful comments.

She said the “roaches” insult was aimed at the trolling men who were clogging her mentions and DMs.
“A few days ago, I was being trolled by a number of men on this app throughout the day. These men insulted me in every way possible. I too responded with insults and proceeded to call those men unemployed roaches.

“If you didn’t insult me that day, the insult was not meant for you,” Boity told her followers.

The star is vocal about gender-based violence plaguing SA and in June wrote a strongly-worded letter to SA men.

“Dear men. All men. You do not own our bodies. You are not superior beings. We do not owe you our lives. We do not come from your f***ing rib. No means no! Stop killing us! Regards, Basadi.”

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