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Bonang Accused Of Being Rude

Bonang Accused Of Being Rude

Bonang has once again found herself at the centre of controversy on Twitter. Sis is living it up in New York but she keeps topping the Mzansi trends list.

A twitter user has called Bonang Matheba a very rude person. @ManelisiZondii said, “one thing about @bonang_m, she’s VEERRYY RUDE that one, very disrespectful!!!!!! always poppin off, like a heater, like a bomb ALWAYS!! Unprovoked even”

People reminded Manelisi to use “allegedly” or else he must make sure he has 500k for when Bonang sues him.

Bonang shut down twitter with a picture she posted on Instagram.

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A post shared by Bonang Matheba (@bonang_m)

These were the reactions of some tweeps:

“Bonang’s recent IG post. USA Flag of United States is treating her very well, she looks beautiful @bonang_m”

“Is Bonang carrying a birkin in the Hamptons ?!!! Also that hair, pls man, your girl B* is living!!!”

“Is Bonang still South African ? Because yo she’s gone”

“Bonang is influencing me to move to NYC but with what money”

“I often think about how Bonang just relocated to New York and has been living her best life since”

While Bonang was out and about in New York, people formed a que to take a picture with her. Turns out these people had no idea who she was and this was just a case of mistaken identity as they thought Queen Bee was American Actress Zoe Saldana.

A tiktok user by the name of Nicholas Pinto took to Tiktok to share that he had seen a ton of people screaming and queuing to take pictures with Bonang so he joined in but he had no idea who she was.

In his Tiktok video Nicholas said that people who know who she is must tag Bonang in the comments section. He said, “Tag her in the comments if you know her. She had a British accent”

Bonang has since seen the Tiktok video and she was left in stitches.

She also commented under his video:

Tweeps have also dug up a tweet of Bonang celebrating her 4th follower.

In 2010 Bonang tweeted, “Ha ha ha ha!! My 4th! Wooohooo!! Feels soo good!! Sup hun?! RT @Zinchly: Am I your 1st follower?? Yes/No lmao @Bonang_M”

Bonang is planning on keeping this one under wraps for a while but we will be on the lookout.

When the possibility of polyandry in South Africa was revealed, Bonang expressed eagerness to join it. “Yes please! I want 2 husbands,” she said with excitement. This after she slid into Bill Gate’s and Jeff Bezos’ DMs.

A YouTuber by the name of Slik Talk suggested that Bonang allegedly uses cocaine, “Bonang is a walking vacuum…she is Pablo Escobar’s favourite person,” he accused.

He also said some other defamatory things such as allegedly sleeping with Charlamagne Tha God for the radio gig he offered her. B was slated to join Charlamagne tha God’s Black Effect Podcast Network With iHeartMedia. That deal has not proved fruitful as B became silent afterwards.

We are still waiting to see and hear what Queen B is working on in the states.

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