Bonang’s New Look Has Everyone Talking

Bonang’s New Look Has Everyone Talking

Spring has sprung, and Bonang Matheba has been serving some hot looks to welcome the season in style. The TV personality who is known for her impeccable taste in fashion recently debuted a new look, and it has everyone talking.

Over the weekend Bonang headed out with her cousin Pinky Girl to what looks like a private event and mo’ghel was a showstopper. The TV star donned a bum short, with a red crop-top and a kaftan.

Bonang’s look received a lot of compliments from her fans who reckoned that she is the girl she thinks she is. Her energy on the pictures is unmatched and she definitely had a blast.

Bonang is no stranger to serving some sauce with her looks. TV star recently left many melting when she took over Sun City. The TV star was hosting the annual cultural and lifestyle Nubian Music Festival on August 29.

The festival was held to commemorate women. Bonang posted a series a snaps on social media giving her fans a glimpse into her whirlwind experience.

The TV star’s fashion game is always on point and she makes sure that when she steps outside she has all eyes on her. As the currently is on level 2 of lockdown Bonang has been spending her time traveling and working.

They recently visited Mpumalanga with her cousin Pinky Girl and they went on a safari in the Kurger National Park. The two served some content to die-for and we loved it.

Bonang has also been rocking new hairstyles lately and they are goals! The TV star inspires many with her style and she once admitted to owning over 200 pairs of shoes.

โ€œI spend my money on shoes. Have you seen my Instagram? Iโ€™m so bad. Iโ€™m terrible. I donโ€™t know how many pairs of shoes I have. Maybe 200, 300,โ€ she said on Six Zeros to My Name.

Her style has style has been awarded before and she bagged a SA Style Award in 2015 proving that she is a fashion icon! Bonang does not mind spending her hard earned cash on looking good and she does not disappoint.

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