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Bontle Modiselle Starts The Afro WAP Challenge

Bontle Modiselle Starts The Afro WAP Challenge

South African dancer and media personality, Bontle Modiselle, has dropped her own version of the viral WAP Challenge, which sees people from around the world dancing to a choreographed routine to Cardi B’s WAP featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The sultry and ultra-sexy song hears the story of how a woman… gets turned on. The new mother made sure to let everyone know that having a baby did not slow her down in the slightest, in fact it has inspired her to create DOPE content.

Bontle’s video began with the original WAP song, and quickly transitioned to a traditional South African tribal beat. Both tracks were overlaid on top of each other, subsequently creating the Afro WAP Challenge. The dancer also began with the original choreography, and then changed it up to include some of South Africa’s most famous dance moves.

Friends and family immediately began commenting messages of amazement below the video, including her older sister, Refilwe Modiselle, who cheered on her baby sister as she ‘made it drop.’ Many of Bontle’s fans claimed to be excited to take on the challenge and couldn’t wait to share their renditions of the Afro WAP.

Bontle has made a significant name for herself as one of the country’s most recognised dancers. Her social media pages are filled with videos that encourage her followers to continue the promotion of dance, something which she is extremely passionate about.

In a Twitter rant on Tuesday, 13 October 2020, Bontle was fed up of the blatant disrespect given to dancers which she feels is completely unwarranted. In a Twitter rant shared today, 13 October 2020, the dancer tweeted, “Dancers don’t get the credit they deserve. You’re meant to stay in everyone else’s shadow. Stay small. Be JUST a dancer. But damn, I’m so proud of the dance community! Some of your fav entertainers today come from dance, have transitioned & become household names respectively. Very rarely do you find a dancer that is one dimensional, but folks aren’t comfortable with them being more than what they know you as, so any dancer that gets out of the “you’re just a dancer” limitation and becomes more than that, deserves their flowers.”

The multi-faceted personality had to deal with haters back in June 2020, when she posted a video on social media dancing Focalistic’s smash hit single “Ke Star,” featuring Vigro Deep. The post received so much backlash from trolls that suggested she trying too hard to dance like leading amapiano female vocalist and choreographer, Kamo Mphela. It got so bad that she had to disable the comments and only recently turned them back on.

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