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Brenda Ngxoli Thanks Ferguson Films For Giving Her The Star Treatment

Brenda Ngxoli Thanks Ferguson Films For Giving Her The Star Treatment

After 15 years of being in the acting industry for the first-time actress, Brenda Ngxoli finally has her own dressing room all thanks to her new role on The Queen.

The award-winning actress recently joined the cast of the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela as NomaPrincess ‘Noma’ Matshikiza.

It’s been a few weeks that Brenda has been on screen and viewers are enjoying her addition to the cast and her rocky relationship with Brutus has been something viewers are enjoying watching.

Taking to Instagram, Brenda shared an image of her Ferguson Films dressing room and shared what a monumental moment this was for her, in her lengthy career as this was a “first” for her.

“With More than 15 years in the Industry; I can Finally say I have my own dressing room,” shared the actress.

Brenda went on to explain that at Ferguson Films she has her own gown and slippers unlike in the past times where she would have to share gowns and slippers with others.

She also spoke on how when should complain then she would be called a “Diva”. Brenda went on to share that now finally real make up brands are being used on her face and not fake China brands.

“Unlike past times uzibona usharisha iiGown NeziSlippers nabanye abantu. Uthi usothetha kuthiwe : Diva. Ngapha maarn ndiqatyiwa ngeREAL make up brands. Not iiFongKong zase China Ntoz…”

Numerous actors and actresses have spoken out about the treatment they receive on sets and whilst The Fergusons have never been known for treating their staff badly whilst on set, they are known for showing them the door in a bitter way.

Ever since Mara Louw outed the Fergusons for blacklisting her and refusing to pay her accordingly. In 2019 the actress during the POWER Dialogue on POWER Talk spoke about how negotiations for a higher salary with the Fergusons went south.

“And then suddenly I’m told by Shona [Ferguson], who is a child and every other producer that ‘Your fee is too high. Excuse me! If you want to pay me peanuts go and find a monkey. I have never received a penny of royalties,” said the actress.

Despite allegations that The Fergusons exploit talent, they have maintained that it’s all part of the business.

Speaking in a live Instagram chat with Themba Ndaba who portrays Brutus, Connie Ferguson responded to a question about why people getting fired.

“This is a soap, it’s a Telenovela…characters come and go, that’s how soap operates. It is for story and sometimes to introduce another story, but characters come and go. This is not something exclusive to The Queen…It happens everywhere, and it happens every time,” responded Connie Ferguson.

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