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Cannes Steals Khanyi Mbau’s Shine

Cannes Steals Khanyi Mbau’s Shine

Khanyi Mbau’s reality show, “Always Rise,” might be about Khanyi but it is slowly becoming clear that her daughter, Khanukani “Cannes” Mbau is the actually star of the show. The previous episodes were heavy as they focused on the passing of the patriarch of the family, Menzi Mcunu. So there was not much screen time for the second generation of the clan. However, that was fixed with the release of the new episode.

With the airing of the new episode which focused on life after the passing Menzi Mcunu, fans managed to get their fix of Cannes. Following the airing of the show people took to social media to declare Cannes as the actual star of the show. There was a lot that people could not get over with the 13-year-old. First, it was the matter of her speaking on the reasons she is not looking to date. Secondly, it was the matter of her natural star power that becomes clear with every episode of the show.

The former queen of bling went to social media to acknowledge that her daughter has overshadowed her on her own show. The two as the reality show plays out has only gotten better, Khanyi was the first to clarify that their relationship was initially awkward due to having to focus on the bag, in order to raise her baby girl. But the reality show was a way for the two to find one another, and to see their relationship strengthen in front of our eyes is comforting too see.

Khanyi went as far as taking to social media to circulate her daughter’s social media pages, suggesting that her newly created fans can follow the teenager to get their daily dosage of Cannes. The choice is a brave one for the protective mama-bear considering that in the past that ended in tears. The first time that Khanyi revealed how “grown-up her daughter is, it resulted in tweeps sexualizing the teenager. The post was filled with predators that were more than suggestive, and leaned more towards explicit.

Cannes might have started on the show by stating that her mother is the celebrity, and not her. But it is becoming clear that superstardom in the Mbau is in the genes. Cannes with the launch of the reality show has also become a prominent celebrity child. She joins teenager with famous parents like her contemporary, Thandolwethu Mokoena, who is Pearl Thusi’s daughter.

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