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Cassper Claps Back At Nota For Dissing Zoocci’s Vitiligo Condition

Cassper Claps Back At Nota For Dissing Zoocci’s Vitiligo Condition

Nota Baloyi strikes again, this time Berita’s husband took it too far by body shaming Hip Hop producer Zoocci Coke Dope. In an attempt to warn Nota for dissing almost every South African rapper, Zoocci also found himself getting attacked by him causing an uproar on social media.

It seems like yesterday’s Instagram rant was the final straw for Zoocci as Nota continued to throw jabs at Cassper Nyovest. To refresh your memory, Nota dissed the Nokuthula hitmaker by saying Focalistic has stolen his shine. Cassper had announced last year that he is thinking of taking a break from Hip Hop to exploring greener pastures which is Amapiano – a genre where Focalistic is soaring in.

Zoocci warned Nota that he will reap what he has sown because he has angered a lot of people with his rants. Furthermore he told him to not talk about people he does not know and that he should probably watch his back.

“Yo bro manage your next act, keep talking that funny stuff on TV that get people going. Keep doing you bro, you getting lost on things you don’t know about. Play safe bro, don’t get too caught up. Again, talking about people you don’t know will surprise you. You don’t know me at all B. I am not from this play play world of yours. You go to know who is and who isn’t. You not playing safe bro, trust me,” warned Zoocci on his Instagram account.

Instead of responding in the same calm nature as Zoocci, he decided to take it too far by body shaming him. Nota angered many people by coming after his facial condition called Vitiligo when he said Zoocci should wipe the yogurt off his face so he can hear him properly.

Zoocci has spoken out about his skin condition called Vitiligo in an interview with Slikour. Vitiligo is a skin condition which causes the skin to lose it’s pigmentation in patches. Slikour asked him if he would use his celebrity status to spread awareness about the condition and he said no.

“I don’t believe in representing something in order to make people understand something. I feel like we all different and that’s the one thing people should understand.”

Cassper decided to also put Nota in his place as he did not respond to the diss directed at him. He called Nota a monster that is disrespectful and disgusting and that he probably has mental issues and projecting his hatred at the wrong people. “Y’all created this monster. Disrespectful, delusional and disgusting. Y’all were tweeting “NOTA appreciation tweet” cause he throwing shade on the ones y’all hated in private. Look now. Sa hip hop. Your leaders. How can one stoop this low? This man is not okay upstairs, trust me.”

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