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Cassper Explains Why He Hates AKA

Cassper Explains Why He Hates AKA

Cassper Nyovest and AKA have made it very clear that they do not like each other one bit. Cassper spoke to Texx And The City’s podcast recently where he spoke about his entrepreneurial hustle, social media beefs, his album “Any Minute Now” and the much-talked about beef with fellow rapper and nemesis, AKA.

Social media never lets the two arch-enemies rest. Whenever Cassper or his rival AKA release new music, hype their booming careers, promote their work, simply tweet on social media or just merely breathing, trolls always find a way to pit the two against each other and they sometimes take the bait.

Cassper reveals why he does not like AKA and probably never will. He reveals that he is not scared of AKA like everybody else is in the industry. Cass believes that he is the ‘realest’ and tells Mega the way it is without fear.

Despite wanting to mize anything that has to do with AKA, whether positive or negative, Cassper just can’t seem to ignore the feeling of hatred he has towards AKA.

“I don’t like that guy man,” he said before adding, that he is not afraid to call him out on his “nonsense.” He did try to make amends with AKA, not to become friends but just to squash the beef, but AKA was not interested.

Mufasa reveals that industry people are scared of AKA but he is certainly not. AKA according to Cass gets away with a lot of things and sometimes does and says unnecessary stuff so he feels like he needs to remind him that “he’s just a small boy.”

“You’ll never see anyone in the industry confront him because they’re scared and I think I’m the only one who can tell him you know what, you’re not who you think you are, you’re a small boy.”

The two beefing rappers have decided to settle their beef in the boxing ring but that has been postponed many times especially during lockdown.

AKA called out Cassper for being too vocal about the boxing match on social media because he wants to promote his album.

“If people are really this eager it would have happened by now. Still no signed contract. Nothing. JUST TALK. Come on. F**k outta here. The fight is happening in 2020 but training is starting today? Come on. Let’s get serious here.”

AKA released his new album Bhovamania recently but fans wanted to make the release all about Cass. Especially after Cassper tweeted, “Almost 2 months later and We still number 1 onda charts. Might just drop a video for Hlengiwe. Real music for the soul!!! Music that uplifts people’s moods. That the music i make. That’s my cup of tea. Soundtracks to people’s lives.”

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