Cassper Nyovest ain’t ‘rich rich’ yet: ‘I’ll be a billionaire someday’

Cassper Nyovest ain’t ‘rich rich’ yet: ‘I’ll be a billionaire someday’

Rapper Cassper Nyovest has opened up about being a “baller”, saying that one day he will be a billionaire with the big boys.

Most SA musicians like to consider themselves high rollers, raking in the cash, but artist Cassper Nyovest is pretty humble about his earnings.

The star took to Twitter when a fan asked him how he sleeps at night with such a high bank balance. Cassper told the fan he isn’t “rich rich” and he aspired to be that wealthy.

“I’m not rich rich yet. I’m just balling! Rich rich is when you own a jumbo jet and you hire it out to rappers like me.”

He shared that one day he would “a billionaire”.

Cassper often speaks up about being moneyed (or not).

The star has previously said that he considers himself rich because he can provide for his family.

He also took to Twitter earlier this year to express how grateful he is to be in a strong financial position, but said he doesn’t have Rihanna money.

“I say I’m rich because I put an amazing roof over my siblings who would be stressed about where they would stay or what they would eat during this lockdown. They don’t have that stress. I’ve done amazing. I am one of the fortunate ones. I don’t have Rihanna money though!”.

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