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Cassper responds to troll dubbing him ‘notorious’ with ‘kind’ clapback: I know you hurting

Cassper responds to troll dubbing him ‘notorious’ with ‘kind’ clapback: I know you hurting

TL fave Cassper Nyovest used the “kill them with kindness” approach as he dealt with Twitter trolls this week. In an unlikely Twitter clapback style, the rapper opted to hold back on being mean when a tweep came for him.

After one of his many tweets about his upcoming album Any Minute Now, a troll tweeted the rapper saying that Cass needed to chill because he “isn’t a celebrity” and is just “notorious”.

Instead of just going for the jugular, as he often does, Cassper took the liberty of checking out the tweep’s profile so that he could craft a fitting response for the youngster, who clearly tweeted him for clout.

Cassper replied, saying that after much careful consideration, he wouldn’t unleash his full clapback powers. He says that after realising the troll was so young, he wouldn’t snap back at the fellow.

He also sneakily plugged his new album.

“Just saw your profile picture and I won’t be mean to you young blood. I know you hurting. Just know that life gets better when you put more effort into improving it and less effort into hating on certified legends like me. Pre-order my new album here,” he said.

Though the rapper drops clapbacks like he drops singles, the star opened-up recently about being selective in his stinging replies. He said he has no energy to argue with trolling tweeps.

“I no longer have the energy to argue with people on Twitter. I still have the desire to do it cause I hate seeing absolute nonsense like they know the game, but I don’t have the energy.

“It’s tiring, people have too much time. Face don’t matter here! Just noise!” Cassper explained.

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