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Cassper Shades Kwesta’s Ex Manager Nota

Cassper Shades Kwesta’s Ex Manager Nota

Cassper Nyovest has poked fun at Nhlamulo ‘Nota’ Baloyi following his “embarrassing” stint of falsely accusing Jay Z of selling Kanye West’s masters in order to retrieve his own. His “know-it-all” mentality landed him in American Twitter’s timeline and got dragged along the way.

Nota caught himself in a back and forth with an American music expert with 22 years of experience. This revelation came about after he bragged about his 16 years in the music industry, saying people should not oppose his views as he ‘knows-it-all. After all, he calls himself ‘The Authority’, however was schooled today and became a laughing stock.

Whilst Mzansi laughs at Nota, Cassper could not let this opportunity pass him as he also poked fun at Nota. Cassper subliminally took shots at him even though he did not mention his name but everybody knew who he was referring to. In the videos he laughs at Nota saying he is a fraudster and was very forward with his actions. He also said he embarrassed the country and that the nation deserves an apology coming from him.

This comes after Kwesta’s former manager Nota discredited Cassper’s album titled ‘Any Minute Now’ when he had nothing but negative words to say about.

“When everyone you feature on your project sounds better than you do and you get the worst out of a legend like Zola to make yourself feel better. Then you pray PRO and Jabba can save your album from the grave. Not a chance. It’s back to the drawing board you go Kaizer Chiefs…” he said.

In a series of tweets he basically called Cassper’s album a disaster and he that he expected better from the rapper.

“This is probably the worst of the 5… At least we had Remote Control, we had Baby Girl, we had Malume and a whole classic album with Tsholofelo… As a fan I’m more disappointed that this is the worst album from the Pantsula. That’s just my cold take. I wish it wasn’t so!

“You know you’re a wack rapper when you diss Scoop, a guy who doesn’t rap and can’t defend himself with a reply…Cassper & Nasty C’s tracklist should just be “a list of American rappers I tried to imitate…”

He then said his former dancer, Costa Ttitch will release a better album than Any Minute Now, “When Costa Titch’s album drops I’ll be back to say I told you so… I’m 1000% sure he’ll deliver a better album than Any Minute Now (not that it’s hard to do) maybe even better than Zulu man With Some Power. I hope the rap fraternity will then respect him like they should!”

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