Cassper To Help AKA Fill Up The Dome

Cassper To Help AKA Fill Up The Dome

Cassper Nyovest has decided to throw some major shade at AKA leaving the Twitter streets in a frenzy. The success of his fifth studio album, Any Minute Now, sitting comfortably at number one and the birth of his son Khotso, Cassper will not let these achievements deter him from the main goal, which is to settle his beef with long time rival AKA during a boxing match.

Cass responded to a tweep who asked him where will the boxing match take place and Cass poked fun at AKA’s career by suggesting The Dome. The rapper has made it clear that he wants to help AKA fill up The Dome so he can know how it feels like. He also promised that it will be the most epic night in entertainment.
Cassper also reckons that after the match AKA will continue to run his mouth but believing that he will win, he says that it will be a lesson to AKA that he is not as tough as he thinks he is.

“He probably won’t stop talking shit but he will always be reminded that he aint the tough guy he claim he is. It will be well documented,” he proclaimed.

Cass was called out for provoking a quiet AKA but he has remained stuck to his beliefs that a boxing match will put an end to their beef. A tweep called him out for wanting to settle their differences in the ring, but Cassper said he can’t be a millionaire who is fighting in the streets like “some hooligan.”

“That’s not good for the money papa. I got contracts with very big brands who don’t wanna associate themselves with that kind of behavior. I AM A WHOLE IDOL! What am I doing fighting like a hooligan in the street. A whole Cassper Nyovest saying “after school is after school”. NAH!”

The two successful rapper’s feud will not die down, not even in 20 years. This after Somizi asked Cassper on his cooking show Dinner At Somizi’s, if he and AKA would ever work together even in 20 years to come. In response to that, Cass said it will never happen but he wants to knock him out.

“Nah that is never gonna happen, when it comes to AKA I know him, he was my friend me and him could never be buddies and if I cant gel with you from that level then I can’t make music with you, I see myself getting in the ring and knocking him out,” he responded.

Cass also believes that he is the reason AKA is hard at work, saying it’s all thanks to their beef as AKA is forced to work twice as hard due to their competition.

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