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Cassper’s New Nickname Has Fans In Stitches

Cassper’s New Nickname Has Fans In Stitches

The beef between Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee is not dying down anytime soon. The two just do not get a long and Prince Kaybee seems to be enjoying the drama. With everyone taking aim at Cassper’s sneakers saying they are a replica of previously released sneakers, Prince Kaybee came to his defense – whilst adding a fist full of shade because why not?

Cassper Nyovest has collaborated with Drip Sneakers for his very own #RF990 sneakers which are inspired by his birth year. He and Drip Footwear CEO and Founder, Lekau, signed a R100 million deal. A few weeks ago when he launched them he started off with the colour pink and then teased a few other colours.

Although some like the sneakers, many are just dissatisfied. The fact that they look like previously released sneakers and also retail at a higher price than the others, angers social media users.

“Cassper is killing that Drip brand. He hijacked a well established brand and made it about him, while his sneaker quality is an insult to the consumer. We must stop sugar coating, black business must sell quality and not blackmail us with “black owned” term,” said a tweep.

Prince Kaybee came to his defense saying starting a whole different shoe from scratch is costly so Cassper does not have enough funds to start one. He also threw shade at him and called him Sasko Sam, from the bread logo.

“Just want to defend Sasko Sam here for once, starting and designing your own shoe from scratch is Expensive, he doesn’t have the money to do that so best bet is get a Chinese existing design, put a tree and sell to Dome Fill Ups, commercial business principal,” he mocked.

Prince got attacked for always speaking about Cassper and shading him whereas Cassper has done at least two interviews recently where he spoke about Prince and called him names. The first interview was with Banques and Venom on their YFM podcast. Cassper mocked Prince Kaybee for always dissing him on Twitter but when he offers for them to fight, Prince back down.

Another interview which premiered yesterday, Cassper sat down with Da LES and , where he spoke about his beef with Prince Kaybee.

Defending himself, Prince said why is it a problem when he speaks but when Cassper does people do not see a problem with that.

“Sasko Sam is on an interview right now as we speak saying the same joke of how I’ve never sold a thousand tickets, like he wakes up and goes to interviews and speaks about me, I’ve seen two interviews already, when I respond its obsession, how?”

Cassper reckons the reason many artists hate him, including Prince Kaybee is because of his longevity. “The Love South Africa has given me is overwhelming. Unheard of if you ask me. Usually artists can’t go over 3 albums before they either fall off or the media trash their name. My fans have carried me from strength to strength. That’s why a lot of artists envy me.”

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