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Chief Azwindini from Muvhango is a farmer by profession

Muvhango star Gabriel Temudzani has revealed that his side hustle is a farming project that he inherited from his family The actor began farming in 2016 and has made significant progress, including being almost registered as a commercial project in Limpopo Temudzani joins several celebrities, including Arthur Mafokate, who are interested in agriculture.

Many people are unaware that Gabriel, who has been an actor for almost a decade, is a farmer in real life. This might be because of his role as Chief Azwindini Mukwevho in the SABC2 soap opera.

Temuzdzani inherited the agricultural business from his family in 2016, according to The South African. It started off modest but has grown in size.




The farming project has been making money moves, as Gabriel revealed in one of his interviews that it might soon be registered as a commercial project in Limpopo.

Besides acting, Temudzani has a less glamorous side hustle; farming. Chief Azwindini went to the school of agriculture so he could be a professional farmer. Since childhood, he had always loved farming; however, his dream came true in 2016 when he finally started farming. However, his side hustle is growing such that he already has four permanent workers and numerous workers who come for seasonal work.

In one of his interviews, he revealed that his farming project might soon be registered as a commercial project in Limpopo.

The actor once revealed that he grew up in villages where farming was the way of life. In recent years he has often hogged headlines with his viral farm pictures that inspire many.

No doubt, in recent years, several actors have cashed from farming, and Gabriel Temudzani is one of them.

Skeem Saam: Who is the best match for Mr. Kgomo: Ivy, Eunice, or Melita?

In the captivating narrative of Skeem Saam, the relationships of Mr. Kgomo with his three potential partners offer a rich tapestry of complex dynamics and contrasting personalities. Ivy, his current wife, represents the epitome of stability and deep-rooted history. Their long-standing union has weathered numerous challenges, showcasing Ivy’s unwavering resilience and loyalty.

Intimately familiar with Mr. Kgomo’s strengths and weaknesses, Ivy has been his steadfast companion through both prosperous and tumultuous times. Her traditional values and unwavering commitment to family make her a pillar of strength, though their relationship has recently faced a series of obstacles, raising questions about its future.

In stark contrast, Eunice introduces a refreshing burst of youthful energy and ambition into Mr. Kgomo’s life. Her independent spirit and determination to succeed professionally are traits that captivate him, and her vivacity and modern outlook could potentially reignite the spark and excitement he craves. However, Eunice’s impulsive nature occasionally leads to unpredictable situations, creating a delicate balance that could either rejuvenate Mr. Kgomo’s life or add further complexity to an already challenging relationship landscape.


Melita, with her calm demeanor and nurturing personality, offers a balanced alternative. Her compassionate nature and ability to empathize with others could be the soothing presence Mr. Kgomo needs to find peace and happiness. Yet, Melita’s own past and personal struggles add layers of intrigue and complexity to the potential relationship, making their dynamic both intriguing and multifaceted.

Ultimately, the best match for Mr. Kgomo depends on what he seeks in a partner. If he values the steadfastness and history that Ivy represents, she remains the stalwart choice. If he desires the excitement and fresh perspective that Eunice embodies, she could be the rejuvenating change he needs. If he yearns for the empathy and nurturing that Melita exudes, she might be the ideal companion.

As the storyline of Skeem Saam unfolds, fans will undoubtedly continue to debate and speculate, adding another captivating layer of engagement to this beloved series.

Get to know Charles Kunutu from Skeem Saam

Masilo Magoro is a South African actor best known as Charles Kunutu on Skeem Saam. You might be interested to know how old he is. Place of birth and date of birth? Who is he married to? Without wasting time, let’s dive into this article and find out more about the character Charles Kunutu.

Biography Summary
Name: Masilo Magoro
Place of birth: Tzaneen in Limpopo
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1970s
Age: 40-50
Occupation: Actor
Nationality: South African
Known as: Charles Lekunutu
Masilo Magoro, who is well known as Charles Kunutu on Skeem Saam, is a South African actor. He originally came from Tzaneen in Limpopo, South Africa. Later on, he moved to Johannesburg with his family, where his father was working. They moved together with his mother and two older brothers. His mother was a nurse. He was born approximately in the 1970s; hence, in the mid-80s, he was in high school. His actual age probably ranges from 40 to 50.He attended primary school at Lenyenye in Tzaneen. After relocating to Johannesburg, he went to high school at Thabo High School in Naledi, Soweto. He studied drama at Fuba Academy, where he spent three years and one year at Market Theatre.






Masilo is married to Pat, and the couple has a daughter. He enjoys writing his own scripts, reading, and watching movies with his wife and daughter in his spare time. In Skeem Saam, he worked alongside renowned actors like Lydia Mokgokoloshi, Shoki Sebotsane, Africa Tsoal, Harriet Manamela, and John Morapama.

His favorite music is South African gospel, and he is a member of the gospel ensemble Barorisi ba lentswe in Lenyenye. He enjoys watching stand-up comedians like Trevor Noah, Steve Harvey, and David Kau. He has also appeared in a comedy as Vusi in Skeem.

Masilo Magoro is a South African actor best known for his portrayal of Morena Lerole, Baksteen’s (Innocent Masuku) father, in the 2012 SABC1 drama series Tshisa.In 2011, he also appeared as a detective in the trailer for the musical film 16 Bars and as Vusi in the Tim Greene film Skeem.

In 2013, he played Charles Kunutu, Rachel’s uncle, whose aim is to get revenge on the Maputla family, in the second part of the second season of the SABC1 drama Skeem Saamn. Masilo Magoro has been playing the character of Charles for almost a decade now.

Are Vusi Kunene and Zazi Kunene father and daughter in real life?

Are Vusi Kunene and Zazi Kunene father and daughter in real life?

There are rumors that rising young actress Zazi Kunene and legendary talented actor Vusi Kunene are related in real life. One of the reasons that sparks these theories is the fact that the two have the same last name. To find out whether the actors are related in any way, let’s take a closer look at their biographies.

1. Vusi Kunene
Vusi Kunene, real name (Vusumuzi Michael Kunene), is a South African greatly admired actor and one of the most talented television personalities best known for his roles in Jacob’s Cross (2007–2013), Paradise (2011), and as Jack Mabaso in the SABC1 soap opera Generations: The Legacy.He was born in the Meadowlands, north of Soweto in Johannesburg, in April 1966. However, there has always been a lot of speculation about Vusi’s date of birth. He was reportedly born on the 13th but changed to the 12th due to superstitious beliefs.

Vusi is a private man, and information about his personal life is relatively scarce. His mother brought him up in different parts of Soweto since they did not own a house. Nevertheless, his mother permitted him to take charge of deciding his future, and that is the same way he is bringing up his children.Vusi Kunene is the father of two; the names of the children are unknown, and it is rumored that he has two daughters. Vusi Kunene has a daughter with Grace Mahlaba, an actress in Backstage soap opera.




2. Zazi Kunene
Zazi Kunene (born May 17, 1999) is a South African actress and dancer. She is best known for playing Nolwazi in the Netflix African original production, Jiva!.She grew up in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. She stuttered as a child, which made her shy, while many bullied her at school.

The actress stuttered as a child, making her a shy child growing up. While in grade 11, the actress discovered her talent as a performer. She performed in the production Sarafina by UKZN Pietermaritzburg and has appeared in many productions, both on stage and on screen. Her family saw her potential when she was in high school.

Her mother noticed her love for acting and performance and showed her great support. She then enrolled at a drama school, which played a pivotal role in improving her confidence.Nothing is known about her father or siblings; it is believed that her mother has raised her since she was a young child.

Are Vusi Kunene and Zazi Kunene related?
According to their biographies, the two have the same last name, but there is no evidence that they are actually father and daughter. Though the two gifted actors maintain private lives, there is no checking or confirmation of the father-and-daughter stories, even though it is possible that they are related.

Sihle Ndaba is dating Matthew Stone in real life

Dudu from Scandal, Sihle Ndaba is dating Matthew Stone in real life. Contrary to popular belief due to her current role in Scandal, she is not in a same-gender relationship. Her real-life boyfriend is Matthew Stone, a famous South African fitness trainer based in Sandton.

Her boyfriend Matthew Stone is not only a fitness trainer but a social entrepreneur and a brand ambassador. He is one of the founders of The Social Runners running movement in Sandton. Matthew is also a brand ambassador for the sportswear brand Puma South Africa. He was also an ambassador for the healthy food and supplement brand Future Life.






His net worth is unknown, but the man is coining it big time. Sihle’s boyfriend Matthew is making about five figures on a monthly basis thanks to brand collaborations. Matthew’s personal training services across multiple clients can earn him up to R20,000 per client.The man’s work in the fitness industry has earned him a major client base from both genders. His classes offer cardio, boxing, kickboxing, and resistance training workouts. Matthew’s work has earned him an incredible reputation and a big celebrity following.

Stars like Amanda Dupont Boity Thulo, Kay Sibiya, Ayanda Thabethe, and Lerato Mvelase follow him on social media.Since he is based in Sandton, the richest square mile in Africa, his client base is a bunch of big money spenders.

Sihle started dating Matthew Stone years ago but, they made their relationship public in 2018. Since 2018 the couple has shared multiple photos and videos of one another on social media. At the time, both of them were starting their individual careers and growing.

They are a couple who prioritizes fitness, fine dining and travelling together. As a couple, they travelled to Lesotho to witness the kingdom of the sky. They have been to Egypt and shared a photo of themselves dining with a Pyramid of Giza view. The couple also went to Turkey to witness hot air balloons shooting up in the sky.

The couple loves going out together. They go to social settings together and even do small activities like hiking. One of the things they like doing the most is doing couples workouts together. Sihle is one of Mzansi’s actresses who doesn’t have weight problems. Her body is always toned, and we can see where she gets help. She has someone guarding her diet and physical exercises all the time.

Ntando’s daughter, Sbahle Mzizi, opens her own salon

In a remarkable achievement, Sbahle Mzizi, the 7-year-old daughter of renowned South African media personality Duma Ntando, has become the youngest CEO, opening her own salon. Sbahle, already making waves as a brand influencer, is breaking barriers and capturing hearts with her entrepreneurial spirit at such a tender age.

Sbahle Mzizi, the first daughter of Duma Ntando, entered the spotlight early on as one of the youngest brand influencers. Her charming presence and captivating personality quickly gained attention on social media, making her a rising star in the world of young influencers.

Now, at the age of 7, Sbahle has achieved a milestone that many would consider unimaginable for someone her age. The young entrepreneur has taken a bold step by opening her very own salon. This move not only showcases her early knack for business but also emphasizes the support and encouragement she receives from her family.





Sbahle’s journey to becoming the CEO of her own salon challenges traditional norms surrounding age and entrepreneurship. The young prodigy is breaking barriers and proving that passion and determination know no age limits. Her story inspires many to pursue their dreams fearlessly, regardless of societal expectations.

With Duma Ntando as her mother, Sbahle is undoubtedly inheriting the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in her family. Duma Ntando, a prominent figure in the South African media landscape, has been a source of inspiration for many. Now, her daughter is carving her own path and contributing to the family’s legacy of entrepreneurship.

Sbahle Mzizi’s journey has been well-documented on social media platforms, where she continues to be a source of joy and positivity for her growing audience. Her entrepreneurial venture adds a new chapter to her story, showing that age is not a barrier to making a meaningful impact.

As news of Sbahle’s salon venture spread, congratulatory messages and expressions of support flooded social media. Many celebrate her achievement, acknowledging the significance of nurturing young talents and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship from an early age.

Sbahle Mzizi’s story serves as an inspiration, not only to her peers but to parents, educators, and mentors. It highlights the importance of recognizing and nurturing the unique talents and interests of young individuals, fostering an environment where they can explore their potential fearlessly.

Luyanda Zwane & Sparky Zulu serving couple goals

Sibongile and The Dlaminis actress Luyanda Zwane and her alleged boyfriend actor Sparky Xulu always served couple goals in cute videos and pictures on their social media platforms.

Luyanda always posts cozy clips of themselves on Instagram, walking on the beach and chilling, and she always knows how to leave people smitten by her.

Luyanda Zwane and her reported boyfriend, Sparky Xulu, who is also an actor in the entertainment sector, know how to thrill their fans with wonderful, cute couple stuff.

Recently, the Sibongile and The Dlaminis star shared a reel of herself and Xulu looking all cosy walking at the beach and also of them having a cute lovey-dovey conversation with each other at an unknown establishment.

A few weeks ago, The Sibongile and The Dlaminis actress indicated that she had met Xulu’s family when she shared a photo of herself with an elderly woman with the comment “Mam’Xulu”.

The Estate star also reposted her Instagram stories on his account. In BET’s serial Redemption, the actors played Nomonde and Zwelakhe Zikode, respectively.

Luyanda is making a name for herself in Showbiz. She plays Sibongile Mbambo in the telenovela Sibongile & The Dlaminis, airing on DStv’s channel Mzansi Wethu. The star became a fan-favourite for many fans and viewers.

Lynn Forbes remembers AKA as Kairo Forbes starts Grade 3

Lynn Forbes Remembers AKA As Kairo Forbes Starts Grade 3. We are nearing a year since the passing of the iconic rapper AKA who was brutally murdered in Durban outside the Wish Restaurant. The rapper’s passing is still fresh in the hearts of his loved ones and fans, and every crucial moment in their lives always makes them remember him.

In a heartfelt social media post, AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, took a moment to reflect on her late son’s legacy as her granddaughter, Kairo Forbes, marked the beginning of her Grade 3 academic journey. In the touching Instagram post, Lynn Forbes posted a picture of Kairo in her school uniform, ready for her first day in Grade 3.The post accompanied a caption that conveyed Lynn’s sentiments as she remembered AKA on this special occasion.

“I know you were there with me when I took her to school for her first day of Gr3. You stayed with her all day, until I picked her up. You were there with me doing the same on day 2 and you sat with me through the parent info session last night. It broke my heart when they spoke about the dad & daughter robotics days coming up this year. I remember you being very excited about her getting to Gr3 so you can do this with her.”




Glammy added that Kairo fondly remembered the birthday cake she created for AKA last year and was excited to celebrate the rapper’s forthcoming birthday this year.

You will be with her again today and every day going forward and even if we can’t see you, we feel your presence all the time.She notices you in the butterflies and in the clouds when they open up and she knows that your’re with her.

Yesterday, she talked about your upcoming birthday and we reminisced about the cake she baked for you last year and how you almost started a fire lighting all of those 35 candles
You are always with us and we love you so much.

Kairo Forbes amazed her father, AKA, with a baked cake for his 35th birthday on January 28, last year. Lynn, the rapper’s mother, wrote to AKA, saying she and Kairo recently recalled last year’s nice birthday gesture.

Despite AKA’s killer still on the free, Minister Bheki Cele has previously stated that he is close to solving the murder case. Reports said two people who knew “for sure” how the rapper died have been kept safe. According to Cele, the police have also discovered the getaway cars and pistol used in the successful plot to assassinate the late Fela in Versace hitmaker.

Makhadzi shows off her unknown boyfriend.

Makhadzi caused a stir on social media after posting pictures of her supposed lover on her Instagram stories. The now-viral images have brought her to the top of the trends as Mzansi looks to put together details about her allegedly boyfriend.

Makhadzi has, without a doubt, been keeping her personal life discreet recently. She has yet to announce her new relationship, and Mzansi is waiting patiently. However, did Makhadzi flaunt her new guy in her recent post?

She took to Instagram Stories to share pictures from her most recent date. She captioned the photo, “The beauty of life is love.” She used an emoji, leaving followers guessing. Since being posted online, the pictures have received thousands of comments and reactions.



Makhadzi’s romance with Master KG has garnered media attention over the years. After more than two attempts, the two decided to call it quits. According to rumours, their relationship was damaged by cheting claims.

With their dramatic split, the two have an effective partnership that has always impressed people.Makhadzi was rumored to be dating Shumani ‘Masala’ Lawrence Mulaudzi in the aftermath of her split with Master KG, according to controversial blogger Musa Khawula

Despite the news, the business mogul did not confirm or refute the allegations but instead sued Khawula

Mlungisi Mathe accepts sangoma call

Mlungisi Mathe, widely recognized for portraying Emkay on Skeem Saam, has embarked on a profound journey by answering his ancestral calling and stepping into the realm of a practicing sangoma and spirit medium.

Despite his role as Emkay, Mlungisi Ncube is currently undergoing the ukuthwasa initiation process, revealing the challenges and revelations that accompany his spiritual transformation.

In a candid discussion about his journey, Mlungisi shared, “Fortunately, there are things I already knew and understood. Although it’s been hectic, lots of things were revealed to me. I found out about stuff I didn’t know about myself—things I didn’t understand from a young age. I now understand why some things happened.”Acknowledging the difficulty of answering the call, he expressed that it was the most challenging thing he had ever faced and emphasized that he wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else.

Explaining the complexities of his healing gift, Mlungisi Mathe stated, “Amadlozi are using you and getting their first chance at life through you.” He recognized that the spiritual calling had been present since his teenage years, manifesting through dreams and visions that initially confused him.

Opening up about the struggle to accept his calling promptly, Mlungisi reflected on the consequences, stating, “The fact that I took time to accept it was a problem. A lot of things got ruined. When you take time to accept a call, Amadlozi thinks you’re being disrespectful.”

Beyond being a sangoma, Mlungisi emphasized that he is deeply spiritual and also serves as a spirit medium. He revealed, “I read books, the Bible, and interpret dreams and people’s journeys.”

Despite the profound connection with his spiritual calling, Mlungisi acknowledged the challenges of balancing it with his artistic career, noting that refusing to help people with his calling brings his other pursuits to a standstill.