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Celebs That Attacked Everyone

Celebs That Attacked Everyone

1. Jackie Phamotse And Snakes

Author Jackie Phamotse went live on Instagram and made some disturbing claims about how these people allegedly use snakes and black magic to accumulate wealth. Jackie did not mention any names, but people were quick to draw their own conclusions and started accusing other celebs. A part of her message reads; “In a lot of these big houses, there are a lot of rooms people don’t go into. There are spaces that are not occupied and you are not invited to. For example, if you go to a person who has a snake in the house. Its either they keep it in a locked room or a coffin. These coffins are usually in the backroom or a room that no one doesn’t enter.”

2. Ntsiki Mazwai: The Problem Is Black South African Men

Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter on 22 September 2020 to call out men once again, this time labelling South African men in particular, as being disgusting. Her tangent was posted after she had seen the ridiculous comments left on her previous tweet which stated, “So annoyed. Started morning walks with a married neighbour last week. Yesterday he asked me if I want a massage, am so livid and disgusted. I don’t know if he is disrespecting me as isfebe or his wife. So disgusted.”

Outraged by the blasphemous responses, she shared a short video posted to her page. The media personality blatantly stated, “The problem is actually black South African men. There is something wrong with you guys where you see a woman, you see a sexual object. It makes you a pervert and a pervert isn’t something positive to be.

3. Boity Calls Men Roaches

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, 26 August 2020, Boity referred to men as “roaches” when responding to a Tweep who spoke about social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, stating that South African men are the lowest of the low. The public then started attacking Boity for her decision to refer to me as cockroaches, with some accusing her of being bitter because she is single.

4. Pearl Thusi Tackles Trolls

Pearl lent her voice to the many on-going struggles that Africa is currently facing. She has done this by engaging in numerous hashtags that are making their rounds all over the world. But trolls decided to spew hate and Pearl was not having it and decided to go all Kelly Khumalo on them. With the help of a few cuss words, Pearl put many trolls in their place after tweeting, “So many SA are still so enslaved mentally… now it seems self-imposed. Anyone passionate about something that isn’t immediate to their wants is an enemy. A bunch of feel sorry for us first bullies because we’re helpless & your not allowed to care about other people hashtags,” She also added, “Current African leaders are trash. Interesting how most of them are men.”

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