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Chelsi Remembers Her Miss Namibia 2021 Crowning

Chelsi Remembers Her Miss Namibia 2021 Crowning

Ever since Miss Namibia 2021 Chelsi Shikongo, scooped the coveted crown back in June, she has been living the dream. Not only she made her parents happy but the entire country.

The model is expected to represent Namibia at the Miss Universe pageant later this year and she is ready to strut her beauty on the international stage. Taking to her Instagram page she reflected on the monumental moment that changed her life, the day she was crowned Miss Namibia 2021.

Chelsi she said she is humbled by the experience and her father got to experience a moment he has always manifested for, “What’s meant for you will never pass you. Thinking of this day a lot these days, I remember the impact of my name being called on stage every time I close my eyes. What a time to be alive that my parents especially my Dad got to experience this moment he manifested together. I am so humbled by this experience and the journey has only begun.”

Chelsi’s father named her after Chelsi Smith, who was crowned Miss Universe in 1995 “My father knew this day would come giving me the name Chelsi. I truly believe in the power of Manifestation, Hardwork, and Prayer. MEDITATION also really helped me through a lot of days,” she wrote.

Chelsi told NAlebrity that she was inspired by her mom who used to participate in beauty pageants also

“My mother used to take part in pageants and my family always encouraged me to take part as my mom enrolled me into a modeling school called LCS’s Models in Walvis Bay and random people encouraged me in my teen and young adult years inspired me to take it more seriously and that’s when I got scouted online by an agency called Boss Models in Cape Town. That’s when I realized this is something I truly enjoy and I am making a living and a career out of it,” saidShikongo.

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