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Concerns Rise Over Sophie Lichaba’s Health

Concerns Rise Over Sophie Lichaba’s Health

Concerns over Sophie Lichaba have intensified as the beloved actor has failed to make her weekly Sunday inspirational post on social media. This comes after murmurs of the star allegedly being hospitalized following suffering from multiple stokes.

First it being important to iterate that the article is not written to shame or make light of the Sophie condition. But it is written to create awareness and suggest that fans of the star think about her in their prayers, especially if the murmurs of her current health situation are true. But for the sake of storytelling, let us start in the beginning.

Sophie Lichaba earned her popularity through her still prolific role on the original version of “Generations.” She played the beloved character of Queen Morake. A full-figured, bubbly receptionist for New Horizon which became Ezweni; along with the many other reiterations the fictious advertising agency had throughout the soapies’ history. What made the character of “Queen,” and in extension, Sophie, so lovable were their unapologetic but loving nature.

Back in 2018, Sophie Lichaba surprised the world when the matter of her drastic weight loss made headlines. First, the images shared on the matter were circulated and resulted in a social media storm where trolls attempted to drag her for the weight loss. However, that quickly turned sour when the real reason for the weight loss was revealed.

As she has reiterated many times before, Sophie was quoted as having said; “You know that I’m diabetic right, so when you are depressed, your sugar level will definitely go up. So when they checked me they discovered that because my sugar level was up, my body was burning a lot of fat. So basically the fat that I take, my body will burn it quickly and that resulted in me losing a lot of weight.”

Now, it seems that things have gotten worse in light of her recent health issues. It is alleged that Sophie is currently in hospital fighting for her life. Allegedly, this past week, the star has been suffering from strokes, which have resulted in her being hospitalized. The worst of those is said to have taken place, while she was behind the wheel.

While no official word from her family has been shared. It did becoming worrying when Sophie failed to share an inspirational Instagram post this Sunday. The “Family Secrets” star has made it her trademark to at least every Sunday show her social media visibility with one post on Sunday, but today there has been nothing. Wishing the star health.

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