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A week ago news broke that popular actor and film Mogul Shona Ferguson who is Co-founder of Ferguson Films had passed away. Shona had been in hospital for some time. The family revealed that he passed away due to covid 19 complications. On Wednesday he was buried in a small ceremony attended by close family and friends only and today a memorial service was held for him in his honor.

So many people were adoring the way Shona and Connie loved each other in their marriage. Their marriage was definitely the goal for many people. Also, their age difference also came to light and it left many South Africans speechless that’s because many were not aware of their age gap.

Shona was 47 years old when he passed away and Connie is 51 years old meaning they had a 4 year age difference.

This surprised many and also proved the popular myth that men must marry women younger than them because women age faster a lie. At her age, Connie looked more beautiful than Many 25-year-olds and even healthier. She also respected her husband and allowed him to lead and be the head of the house. Many men believe that if you marry a woman older than you she will not respect you and will want to wear the pants in the house, this was not the case in Connie and Shona’s marriage .

In summary, Connie and Shona Ferguson’s marriage was a powerhouse and it broke so many stereotypes and withstood a lot in the past 20 years that’s why it has become a benchmark for many young people who are looking to get married

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