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Connie Ferguson’s Daughter Sedi Tests Positive To Covid

Connie Ferguson’s Daughter Sedi Tests Positive To Covid

Connie Ferguson’s daughter Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson revealed a few days ago that she tested positive to the coronavirus.

Taking to Instagram to share, Lesedi said, “6 days ago I tested positive for COVID-19. I’ve had/have all of the symptoms and every day is different. Some days I’m strong, and other days I’m not. Today (12 July) is one of my stronger days and nothing says trauma response more than trying to make a serious situation a little bit laughable. The VID ain’t funny…. But my “tastecapades” are”

In a video Lesedi further said, “There’s nothing in this world that I miss more than being able to smell and taste my food. I have not been able to do that in a week. There’s even a running joke in the house that whenever I get asked what I wanna eat, I literally just say nomayini (whatever) it’s the same. I can’t taste it.

“Do y’all understand how bad this has gotten? I can’t even smell the doodoo that I do in the loo, although that part I might actually like. I don’t even have the inclination to snack anymore. I have a whole box of Mike and Ike’s that I have not opened and I will not even bother because why would I open up my favourite pack of sweets that I can’t taste.

“There’s nothing funny about Covid but please bear with me as I am tryna make sense of my new normal. It’s only week one. I still have another week of this. Also when do I get my senses back, I miss taste guys.”

People took to the comments section to wish Lesedi a speedy recovery.

Gomora’s series producer Lulu Hela said, “Oh man, that sucks!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!! 😍😍 although we should count not being able to smell the “doo doo” as a blessing”

The Queen’s latest addition Lorraine Moropa said, “Wishing you speedy recovery Sis!!!🙏🏽I know you will overcome this!”

@hlangus164 said, “I used to eat hot chillies raw… I would just sweat and not taste them try it it’s fun…. and also it will help you get your taste back…slowly and surely”

@Telletroliene said, “Oh my nana sorry about this. I hope you get better soon. You are one strong woman I know and you have got this under your feet. Cheers and keep safe. ❤️❤️ hugs and kisses”

@Makgofe said, “Get better Sedii…glad to see you’re taking it in your stride…”

@latoya_dixie said, “This for me was the worse symptom coz I’m such a foodie. I couldn’t smell or taste for about 10 days. I tried forcing it with sour jelly beans. My taste buds were like nah, we don’t know what that is. I really appreciate my senses more now”

@Ndirohan said, “Just got my sense of smell 2 days ago I’ve never been happier to smell my own fart like this…and the metallic in the mouth. Yikes”

@tatenda_md said, “You will get it back after like 10-14 days, my dear. That loss of a sense of smell and/or taste really gave me a new perspective. Now I thank God every day for bringing me into this life with all 5 senses. It’s hard to find meaning without those two sense”

We wish Lesedi a speedy recovery as she battles this virus.

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