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Did Tweeps Just Find Mihlali’s New Man?

Did Tweeps Just Find Mihlali’s New Man?

Mihlali Ndamase has been tweeting a lot of subs about being happy in love for weeks and tweeps finally believe they have discovered who the mystery man.

Firstly, let us start in the beginning. Mihlali has told numerous times how much she is enjoying being single-and-ready-to-mingle. The popular YouTube went as far as clapping back when a male social media user suggested that she was promoting promiscuity following her “Sip or Spill” YouTube video with friend, Tebby Leburu. But it did not take long before single-and-ready-to-mingle started taking a turn towards kwa-love-lives-here.

The popular YouTube took to Twitter this past week and told her followers to start preparing their wedding attires because Mihlali was already hearing wedding bells. But it did not take long for those sentiments to change before Mihlali was instructing her followers to better use the material they had bought to sew face masks because apparently she had stopped hearing wedding bells.

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Can Zalebs prove this? As we have come to learn about our faves that deleting posts is one of their favorite things. But in her recent post about how men are trash, a tweep commented asking whether that means the wedding off. Mihlali did not address the question direct but clearly not, if her recent posts are anything to go by.

First she shared that was going on a get-away with bae, and wanted to find out who is the mystery man. But Mihlali has kept her relationship status a mystery since her first public relationship with the Major League DJz, therefore many believed that she would not give us want we want, which was an idea of who the bae that has got her going through a lot on Twitter is.

In surprising turn of event, Mihlali did provide her followers with the content that we were looking for. Although, it was by mistake because all it took was a hand, a tattoo and a bracelet for F.B.I Twitter to connect the dots. Tweeps managed to allegedly discover the identity of the man that could take pictures of Mihlali during the golden hour.

In sequence; Mihlali posted a story of her clinking glasses with what was clearly a man’s hand. Tweeps noticed the tattoo and the bracelet and quickly decided that it was hot throb, Kamo Phasha. Once his identity was discovered, tweeps headed to Instagram to find receipts and there were plenty. Kamo happens to also be on a get-away in Limpopo in a nature reserve that resembles Mihlali, but the two have not discovered each other as they both post from different parts of the reserve. Coincidence? Apparently so, if Mihlali’s tweets are to be believed.

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