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Dillish Mathews Keeps The Party Going

Dillish Mathews Keeps The Party Going

Namibian leading lady, Dillish Mathews, has been living it up lately. She recently celebrated her 31st birthday party and instead of slowing down, she called on some of her friends for a lavish day indoors.

Fresh from her three-day birthday extravaganza, Dillish Mathews is still spending time indoors. Dillish had asked fans to give her four business days for her to rest and recover from her birthday. It seems the star is using these days wisely!

After her birthday Dillish pointed out that:

“I want to tell you more, but I’m just too tired, I’m not excited because I’m so exhausted, give me four days and I’ll be back to the old Dillish. No, no, I’m 31 now, I’ll be back to the new and improved 31year old Dillish and I’ll tell you more about how it all went, someone even got allergies and had to go get an injection on the bum! It was crazy”.


Dillish and her friends started the day off with cocktails. You can never go wrong with cocktails on a fun day with loved ones.


Good food is a necessity when it comes to having a good day. Dillish and her friends definitely had this on lock, each person at the get-together had to come with their own dish. Everyone definitely brought their a-game as the food was looking delectable.


Just like any get-together with loved ones, this one was full of laughter and joy amongst the friends.

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