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DJ Black Coffee Shows His Hand In New Profile Pic After Twitter Attack

DJ Black Coffee Shows His Hand In New Profile Pic After Twitter Attack

DJ Black Coffee is tired of people making jokes about his family. The internationally acclaimed spin master had a rough exchange with a Tweeter user that was completely misread and appeared as if he was making fun of people with albinism. The event eventually led to Black Coffee showing his hand to the public which has since gone viral.

Many people already know what happened to Balck Coffee’s hand and why he keeps it in his pockets all the time. He got injured on the eleventh of February 1990 when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. People were all over the streets celebrating Madiba’s freedom and Black Coffee was one of them. Cars were hooting and speeding from all corners of the city in celebration. A speeding taxi hit his hand and left him paralysed.

In the lead up to Black Coffee posting a picture of his hand, Twitter was divided as Coffee trended the entire day with others dragging him for involving a 7-year-old, whilst others were saying the mother deserved it.

Refusing to apologise for standing for himself, Coffee told critics that he is tired of being the bigger person after having suffered an unbelievable amount of trolling.

In a bid to take the attention away from the drama, King Coffee posted a picture of himself that left Twitter dizzy.

According to the picture, Black Coffee made a big reveal, his second hand. Known for always having his hand in his pocket for all these years, Coffee posted a picture with him seated with both his hands revealed.

He is an advocate for minding your own business. Twitter erupted when Dj Black Coffee showed his hand.

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