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DJ Lamiez Holworthy opens up about colourism

DJ Lamiez Holworthy opens up about colourism

TV star DJ Lamiez Holworthy has opened up about dealing with colourism, saying she grew up around people who made her feel like there was something wrong with her dark skin.

In the age of Beyonce’s Brown Skin Girl, many conversations have been popping up on our TLs lately. One of them is about colourism, or discriminating against someone because of their skin colour.

TV personality Lamiez joined the convo when a tweep responded to a photo of herself with Khuli Chana by advertising skin lightening products.

The star didn’t take too kindly to the post trying to sell her something she clearly doesn’t want.

“No offence to anyone who deems it fit to bleach their skin, but me? I love my dark skin wholeheartedly! Now more than ever. Especially because I grew up around people who made me feel like there was something wrong with it,” said Lamiez.

Fans agreed with the star, sharing their own journeys of self-love.

The musician responded to a fan vy saying she thanks God her mom taught her how to love her own skin.

Other celebs have weighed in on the colourism debate in recent weeks.

TV and media personality Kuli Roberts took to Twitter to encourage dark-skinned women to love themselves. She said we are not going to raise a generation of children hating themselves.

“We are not going to have a generation of dark-skinned kids hating their complexions because of you. Not today, satan,” she said in a post last month.

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