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DJ Melzi Responds To Cheating Allegations

DJ Melzi Responds To Cheating Allegations

A few days ago, pictures of DJ Melzi’s alleged cheating made rounds on social media. Melzi is engaged to influencer and YouTuber Andiswa Selepe also known as The Bomb RSA on Instagram.

A couple of snaps showing him drop off another woman surfaced on social media and the DJ was since accused of cheating.

Setting the record straight to Daily Sun, Melzi said he was asked to drop off a girlfriend of his road manager’s friend. She told the publication that these allegations started two weeks ago when he was in Mafikeng, North West for a gig.

“I was with my road manager, and his friend and girlfriend. They asked me to drop off the girlfriend at a university residence…When we got there, people started taking photos because they know my car. A video was also taken, showing my road manager’s friend opening the door for his girlfriend and walking with her. But people are still saying it’s me,” he told the paper.

He also told the publication that things are good between him and his fiance. He added that he thought that people have moved on from this. “My manager told me that I’m trending and people are sharing videos of me. But that story died. However, it came back again when someone posted the video on social media over the past few days.”

The DJ added that he believes that people are just trying to start rumours. “And as this video was trending, a photo of my brother’s girlfriend also started trending. She took it in front of my car months ago, and people are saying it’s a girl I’m cheating on Andiswa with,” he was quoted saying.

Last month Skeem Saam star Patric Seleka admitted to cheating on his wife. He also revealed that he abused her admitting that he was the main cause for his wife’s depression on a now-deleted video on social media.

“The main reason my wife is going through her depression…I should say that all of it, is because of me. I am the reason she has been so depressed for so long and the one thing that’s the worst is I haven’t been there for her. I was emotionally and mentally abusive to her,” he said on Instagram.

The actor said he put his wife in the worst position. “And I am coming out publicly to her – wherever she is right now – and her family and to everyone that I humbly apologise for everything that I have done and I will do my level best to make things right for her,” said Patrick.

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