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DJ Shimza Slams Nathi Mthethwa

DJ Shimza Slams Nathi Mthethwa

As the COVID-19 cases in South Africa continue to increase rapidly in what President Cyril Ramaphosa calls the second wave, many artists are scared at what might happen to their careers should lockdown levels go down again.

Recently, the president had a family meeting where he advised South Africans to practice safety when celebrating the festive season. Artists at large will be largely affected as they depend on gigs to pay their bills. DJ Shimza contacted Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa with a proposal that will benefit everybody including artists.

His proposal which seeks to allow artists to perform at events but these performances would be televised, fell on deaf ears. This would also in turn force people to stay home. He said the minister mized his proposal resulting in the DJ to call him out on Twitter.

“Submitted a proposal to Minister @NathiMthethwaSA for us to be able to afford to continue with events on TV so we could continue paying artists and people in the technical space and got no response. Now we out scrapping for work, people are gathering and the virus is spreading.

“Supporting this would have meant fewer people would go out to watch their favourite artists perform because they would do it from the comfort of their homes,” said Shimza.

“This would potentially cut down on gatherings, but at the same time would not take from the artist’s income because we also need to work. Many might think entertainment is just games, but many lives are suffering and are not being recognised, ra zama but we need assistance. Ra kopa” tweeted Shimza.

Just last week, Simphiwe Dana also called out the minister calling him useless, “I’m finally understanding we have a useless minister of arts and culture! I tried, because I love him, and I love you! But I owe you the truth. I know what this means for me in government. I still wish they will be kind.”

Simphiwe, as the breadwinner said she can now finally pay for her bills after suffering months of not being able to organise gigs.

“For the first time in a while, I can pay for bills. You don’t know what it means to me. South Africa do better by your artists! This is so embarrassing.

“I’m saying this because I’ve not been able to pay my bills. I understand I’m a higher tier artist! I’m just scared for the ones! And Whether they’re ok. I think I’m talking to my government at this point and asking for them to be kinder to us. We work, we don’t deserve this!”

“An then he got that useless spokesperson who just hates everyone. And I still loved him through it all. I’m now done! I hope he knows that even this action is an act of love!”

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