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DJ Tira Slammed For #VulaPresident Protest

DJ Tira Slammed For #VulaPresident Protest

Many artists in the country have been without income for almost 7 months now and they have taken to the streets to protest against the government.

The lockdown has put a strain on various industries and the entertainment industry feels as though they have been hit the most. The lockdown regulations have been eased however artists are still not pleased.

Taking to the streets to demand 70% capacity at their events, many Durban artists have blocked the N3 highway to demand their voiced to be heard.

Social media was abuzz as videos of such demonstrations were shown on artists social media pages. DJ Tira has been slammed after going on Instagram live with president Cyril Ramaphosa.

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After posting screenshots of his conversation, a new hashtag gained momentum on social media. #ValaPresident has since trended with many people saying artists are not special and there are far more people who are hit the hardest by the lockdown.

“Where are you my friend, @cyrilramaphosa, we are dying of hunger,” Tira captioned the post which has since gained negative attention from Tweeps.

Comments from social media users suggested that many are not in support of such a movement and have asked for artists to wear the ruling parties’ T-shirts and line up to collect their R350 COVID-19 relief grants.

Social media users are calling for the president to not entertain the celebrities because they too are struggling. Hence the trend #ValaPresident.

Artists have since opened up about their struggles with keeping a sustained life as they have been without any income. Many of them survive off of events and Deejaying.

A few artists such as DJ Zinhle said she felt offended by how she gets asked to do a free concert even though she has been without income for 3 months.

“Am I the only artist who gets highly offended when a reputable company/organization asks for a free performance. Like, njani? How am I gonna risk my life going out to record a stream for free when I haven’t had an income for 3 months,” she said.

AKA had also claimed that he is broke because of the lockdown regulations that had allowed alcohol to not be sold. He then went on to Twitter to reveal that he does not have any money.

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