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DJ Zinhle’s Sweet Message To Murdah And Her Children

DJ Zinhle’s Sweet Message To Murdah And Her Children

DJ Zinhle is beyond grateful for the love and support she has received from the people around her, during this life changing experience she has endured. Africa’s number 1 female DJ just became a mother of two, as she welcomed her baby girl Asante, last week.

“What a year it has been. I am feeling incredibly blessed…Have so much to be grateful for,” she started her post after wishing her followers a happy Monday.

Making her experience the best is her bae Murdah Bongz who according to Zinhle, completes her. “I am so thankful that it’s you I’m on this journey with. You complete me,” she gushed.

DJ Zinhle also thanked her family and friends who have supported her. The mother to two daughters has always spoke about how hands on Pearl Thusi and Nomuzi Mabhena have always been especially during her pregnancy. “Kairo Forbes, the rest of my family and friends for your love and support. You guys are my greatest blessing. Your support keeps me going…”

How could she forget her business partners and her team for their persistent hard work. Concluding her post she thanked her daughters and said they are her entire world, “Baby Asante & @kairo.forbes.. I have no words… My entire world.”

In her post, she shared her maternity shoot images she took with Kairo Forbes and Murdah Bongz.

When she launched her flagship store Era By DJ Zinhle at the Mall Of Africa she could not attend, understandably because she was heavily pregnant. But holding it down for her were her best friends Pearl and Moozlie. You’d swear Era By DJ Zinhle is their company the way they dedicate their time and energy in making it a success. “Aunty @moozlie, you’re a blessing, thank you.” she said to Moozlie who cut the ribbon when they opened their doors.

“A big thank you to @moozlie and the team for the great work, I couldn’t have done this without you guys. God bless my friends and family their love and support,” she said in another post.

Zinhle and baby Asante went home after being discharged from the hospital last week Saturday. They received a warm welcome from their family members who held a dinner party for them.

She also shared another trailer for her upcoming reality show DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected. From the trailer, we can already tell that the show will be explosive. The three big takeaways from the trailer it seems as though DJ Zinhle has no intentions of getting married but Murdah Bongz wants to do the right thing. But Zinhle responded by saying “the right thing for who?”

Her family members however want her to walk down the aisle and for Bongani to do the right thing. Speaking with her brother and aunt, she dropped a bombshell saying that Bongani’s family does not want to pay damages for a woman who already has a child from a previous relationship.

Zinhle also addressed Kiernan Forbes, Kairo’s dad, saying he has no influence whatsoever in her life, despite what people might think.

Another shocker she revealed is that Era By DJ Zinhle might be struggling to stay afloat. “Boulevard is doing well, distribution is our biggest thing right now. Era is a bit of a concern for me right now. I feel like I’ve been babysitting Era for too long,” said Zinhle.

In another scene, an employee from Era dropped a bombshell on a pregnant Zinhle, saying is resigning from the company as she faces major challenges.

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